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Writing: a way to start your inner cleaning

by NancyYates

Here we are: it’s fall. Rather than withdrawing into ourselves while waiting for winter to come and sticking to the fireplace, why not take advantage of this time of rest to do our interior cleaning, as we do in spring for our House?

Why always wait for spring anyway? Why not do our interior cleaning at each change of season or when we feel the need?

Why wouldn’t we be able to take the time, this precious time, to take care of our emotional balance? To take stock of ourselves, instead of running around in all directions?

Nature gives us the opportunity to rest, the light goes down, the sun sets sail towards other horizons. Why don’t we use writing as a way to start our little inner cleaning?

“The enemy is coming from within?”

You are used to thinking, or others say, that the enemy is coming from within. Sure, if you spend your time ruminating, rehashing your thoughts, cursing because the cold and humidity are here for a few months, winter is going to be tough for you.

You clean your house regularly, you tidy up your accommodation, and you tidy up left to right: in short, you don’t leave anything lying around. What about your emotional state? Especially with the health situation that we have been experiencing since March 2020! It might be time to clean up your head to calmly face the cold season!

Making your life easier also requires sorting and organizing your thinking. Go through writing to lighten your mind, I assure you that it works better than energy stones or talismans “made in China”.

If you tidy up your little spiritual and emotional interior, you should see more clearly within yourself… inside yourself, should I say! Make a list of things you need to get rid of in the spring: in your closet, in your stuff that clutters you, in your too many books, How to create a Wikipedia page in your contact list, in everything that burdens you materially at home.

Remember that any material possession occupies as much space in your subconscious as it does in your surroundings. If you have something, you feel compelled to use it, or else that something is forgotten somewhere and clutters.

So make a list of the things you want to get rid of from your surroundings and add a good reason opposite. Your mind will be clearer and more apt to take action! You will feel your head less heavy!

By doing so, you will save time and energy. The material clutter, but also spiritual and emotional, is time consuming and tiring. You’ll feel less like you’re caught up in the whirlwind of life. You will spend a more restful, quieter, more centered winter.

Sweep away his past

The process can be painful. Certainly. But necessary. And courageous. Take advantage of the slow motion in the garden to take stock of your past. Why do you keep clothes from your school years and never put on? Why do you keep the collection of dusty seashells you picked up on the beaches during your summer vacation when you were kids?

All of these cluttering objects end up owning you. What are they used for exactly? When you are possessed, you are no longer in control of yourself. What is true for objects is also true for people.

“Housework, sweep the past”, helps to live in the present. Most of all, it frees up space for new possibilities in your life. So write down and explain why you are so attached to certain objects, or why you keep seeing that aunt you hate. Lighten up along the lines. Be clear with yourself, if not, what’s the point?

Project into the future

By writing during the winter, by the fireside, you can take the time to project yourself into an ideal and positive future. Or even utopian. So, is it forbidden to dream? This writing process is a real driver of optimism on a daily basis. You’re sad, cold and rainy winter days will seem more cheerful.

Who is preventing you from dreaming big? Imagine your year 2021, or the years after, as precisely as possible. Describe how your life is now and what you expect from it next. Will your life change? How? ‘Or’ What? Will your work change in form or in nature? Under what conditions do you think you will evolve for the future?

Through writing, you can continue to envision a fulfilling personal and professional life. It’s up to you to reinvent yourself! It’s not about changing everything, moving, quitting your job or applying to someone else. It is rather a question of going to the bottom of you to discover your singularity there which makes you a unique being.

Search deep within you for your hidden talents, your dormant resources just waiting to emerge. Write them down! Fall is the perfect season to enter this emotional detox. It will purify every dimension of your well-being.

What is well-being? Here is what Tal Ben-Shamar, a leading researcher in positive psychology, says:

“Happiness is made up of 5 components: spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational and emotional well-being. Each of these elements is like a color of the rainbow. When they come together, the light appears”.

Take advantage of this change of season to make room for the renewal of your being and feel in great shape, even in winter! Write about how you feel and how you see your life. It will benefit you. To ask oneself and to put down words always makes progress. More than you think!

Practice enthusiasm at work

The health and economic crisis linked to Covid-19 will obviously leave its mark, for many of you. This will undoubtedly have an impact on your working conditions for later, on your way of working, of understanding what you want to experience in your professional Wikipedia writing service.

Each and every one of you can be an actor in the “aftermath” and decide now what you want to experience in your professional daily life of tomorrow. It is not enough to ruminate, or to think, or to dream. Put it in writing. Because, when they start to be placed on a sheet, they begin to take shape.

Making your desires exist in writing will make your enthusiasm grow. You can then start to project yourself. Enthusiasm has a major role in your development. Your brain has indeed been shown to thrive when you use it enthusiastically.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to bring out more enthusiasm in your daily professional life:

  • What are the activities that revitalize you and give you energy?
  • What are the activities that put you in a calm situation and make you forget the passage of time?
  • What are your main strengths?
  • How can you mobilize them in your work?

DE confining your creative energy

In this season when nature and animals take the time to rest and withdraw a little from the world, you too can take the time to write down the paths you want to trace for your family, your job or planet.

Now is the perfect time to awaken and unfold that creative force that is within you, that we all have, and that is just asleep or blocked sometimes. By making this creative force a reality, by giving it substance through words first before taking concrete action, you will boost your self-confidence.

This step will act on your mind. You decide what’s right for you and bring it to life. It has nothing to do with one of those New Year’s Resolutions we take lightly that lasts 3 weeks at most.

Each season brings its dynamics. Make the most of each of the four seasons. Create, move forward on your projects, preserve your energy to do this and your enthusiasm, and gain height. You will be able to free up spaces for creativity and renewal. This will lead you to well-being that is more than necessary for everyone!

Reinvent yourself, even in winter

Winter is setting in, tip of his nose. Despite a particular context, winter remains a season of introspection. Often, we let go of the past, more or less happy memories spring up with the end of year celebrations that return with their procession of obligations or pleasures, depending on each other.

Why not take the time and write, during this break season, to live it fully? Ask yourself questions about your life, about your work and take the time to answer them. Questioning yourself about your purpose is a good starting point:

  • Why am I doing what I am doing today?
  • What direction do I want to give my personal life? Family? Professional?

You can feel good even in winter! Winter gives you 3 months to get back to the center of your life! As you write, you will open up new spaces within yourself, imagine other possibilities and make peace with yourself.

Leave room for reflection, rest, rather than over activity. Taste a different temporality, sweeter and respectful of your needs, while sipping a good hot chocolate. Give yourself the opportunity to drop off your suitcases.

Put words on your feelings, in connection with your activities or your family, to better understand what is happening and to adjust if necessary. Really update your needs, your desires, to better get back to basics. Find your free will and your freedom to decide in conscience! Writing can allow you a joyful, lucid and honest exploration, which puts you, in the dead of winter, at the center of your life and your priorities.

Do we ever know? By writing, you could come to a commitment with yourself that of choosing a sweeter life in harmony with your deepest desires!

As a conclusion

Writing is recognized as a tool to rebuild oneself, to protect oneself from attacks from the outside or the inside.

Writing is indeed the privileged medium by which we can first understand: put words, put into words, as if we were putting to music, also put a distance between one’s experience and oneself, and above all, tell one’s story, to better accept it, appropriate it and go beyond it.

Writing allows you to get back to the center of your life and reinvent your balance. Literature has always known how to reinvent worlds. Write for yourself, invent other worlds. Writing is an escape, no matter what you write. Writing allows you to get out of yourself, even if you are talking about yourself.

By writing this winter, you will stand still. It will be a season of dreams, of dreams…

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