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New Zealand won the battle against COVID-19 and World is suffering

by Scienceooze
World is suffering and New Zealand won the battle against COVID-19

The whole world’s health sector is suffering a lot and New Zealand is the Wolrd’s first country that eliminated coronavirus and country has zero corona cases and has won the battle against COVID-19. The country is a role model for all other countries. While the world recorded the highest ever daily coronavirus case count, New Zealand Prime Minister has announced the country has “eliminated” coronavirus as there are no current active or new cases.

Since January we are only hearing about corona all around and not only our country whole world is suffering. But now New Zealand is the first country in the world having no corona cases and has won the battle against COVID-19. While other countries such as Brazil, Pakistan, and India continue to see high infection rates.
A bold claim, but the country has no more active cases and hasn’t reported a new case in 18 days. This stands in contrast to the world recording its highly daily case count ever on Sunday with 136,000 new cases with outbreak hot spots continuing in Brazil and Pakistan while Indian hospitals are facing rising challenges finding hospital beds as cases spike.

New Zealand has moved to Alert Level 1, the lowest level since the beginning of the outbreak in the country. Alert Level 1 means citizens are not restricted in personal movements but are still encouraged to keep a record of where they’ve been while authorities will maintain the ability to carry out rapid contract tracing should new cases arise.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been hailed for her leadership and handling of the pandemic in the country, with many pointing to her as an inspiration for strong female leadership.

With New Zealand and Australia planning on creating a travel bubble between the two countries, some pacific island nations are desperate to join. Countries like Fiji, which has seen no new cases in a month and moving closer to the eradication of coronavirus are in dire need for tourism to return as the industry accounts for a third of the jobs in Fiji.

However, we need to remain strong on border control and medical checks. Covid19 won’t disappear from the world and a second wave is probable.

Other countries including Pakistan which is the third riskiest country in the world now should follow the steps of New Zealand so at least we can minimize the coronavirus spread. Time is passing and we are moving towards disaster we can only hope a one-day situation will get better in the whole world. We are failing and our strategies are failing but still, we can close our eyes to avoid the situation we have to face it work on it and minimize it.

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