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How To Create A Wikipedia Page For Your Company

by NancyYates
Create A Wikipedia Page For Your Company

The continuous expansion and growth of the virtual encyclopedia, Wikipedia Page For Your Company, is proof of its vitality in the digital world. With an astounding 52 million pages out of which around 6.2 million articles are in English, Wikipedia is the most extensive collection of reliable information online that has ever been put together.

Over the years, the creation of wikipedia pages has taken an upward trend and is nowadays these pages and articles are required not only for creating awareness but also for marketing purposes. Even though wikipedia pages were not originally meant for marketing, however, countless brands and individuals are successfully using this virtual encyclopedia as a means to create awareness about themselves all over the planet.

And why wouldn’t they? This virtual platform is visited by millions of people on a daily basis, which provides a perfect opportunity to brands and individuals to increase their online visibility and create awareness about themselves in the market.   

However, if you also want to create a Wikipedia page for your company then you must understand that it is not an easy job to do. It is quite an arduous job, which requires skill and experience. You need to understand that there are certain requirement for a Wikipedia page, which, if not fulfilled will render all your hard work and efforts useless because your wiki page will get rejected and will never become a part of the virtual encyclopedia officially.

Here are certain steps that have proved their importance time and time again, when it comes to the creation of wikipedia pages. These steps will help you in the creation of wikis that will stand a much higher chance in getting the approval of the online encyclopedia.

How To Create A Wikipedia Page For Your Company

Step # 1 – Account Creation:

You do not need an account to make edits or create a page on Wikipedia. However, there are certain pages on which you cannot make edits until you have created on account on the website. The account creation process is not difficult and is suggested by almost every professional Wikipedia page editor and creator.

You simply have to visit the website and select your language after which, you will land on a page that provides you with the option to “Create Account” in the top right corner of your web page. Press that button and your account creation process will start. Fill out all the information fields required by the online encyclopedia and once you are done you will have a Wikipedia account in your name.

Step # 2 – Page Title:

Pick out a page title for your page, making sure that it meets the notability standards of wikipedia. Another aspect of your page title that you need to keep in mind is the fact that it should be unique. If the topic you have chosen to create a page on is already been written on and is present on Wikipedia then the virtual encyclopedia will not allow you to create another page with the same page title again.

Step # 3 – Research:

Research is the backbone of any wikipedia page as it allows the writer to collect all the relevant information from reliable sources. In this step, you must also carry out thorough research on your topic and make use of references and citations to authenticate your information. However, you must understand something about research when it comes to wikipedia; you cannot publish any original research on wikipedia.

Step # 4 – Writing:

Now, after finishing your research, you must start writing your Wikipedia page. However, it is not like writing an essay or a report, there are certain writing policies and guidelines of writing on Wikipedia and you must follow them to ensure that your wiki page does not get rejected by the official Wikipedia authorities.

Step # 5 – Check, Correct and Submit:

Once you are done with writing your Wikipedia page then you must make sure that everything you have written is according to the standards of the online encyclopedia. Check your page thoroughly and find out, if, there are any mistakes and correct them before you submit your page, as it will go through a screening process after submission.      

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