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Why are children reluctant to admit their mistakes.

by Scienceooze

Why are children reluctant to admit their mistakes? As children grow up, they make mistakes more or less, but many children refuse to admit their mistakes after they make mistakes. So, why are children reluctant to admit their mistakes?

1. Why are children reluctant to admit their mistakes

First of all, the child is unwilling to admit his mistakes because the child has a fluke mentality. They think “If I don’t admit my mistake, I might escape a level; if I admit it, I will definitely be trained or punished.” We think that when a child makes a mistake, whether it is the parent or the child if one of them is emotional at the time, they should first Set aside the matter and wait until the two sides are calm before dealing with the problem. When parents find that their children make mistakes, if they blame the children in anger, it is easy to make the children feel afraid and affect the parent-child relationship.

Second, shyness. When a child makes a mistake, he thinks, “I don’t want so many people to know that I did wrong.” There is an old Chinese saying “Teach you in front of the classroom, teach your wife behind you.” Take care of her face. But children are independent individuals and need to be respected just like adults. If the parents point out the child’s mistakes or scold the child in front of many people, it may make the child feel humiliated and resisted. At this time, even if the child knows that he is wrong, he is not willing to admit it.

2. Can children directly scold when they make mistakes?

When a child makes a mistake, parents cannot directly express your anger with actions. This is likely to stimulate the child’s potential rebellious factors, which is nothing but a stumbling block to your education. Every child needs the patience and care of adults. Blindly blaming can only create a psychological shadow for him. In fact, patient guidance is the right way to solve the problem!

3. Criticizing children’s attention

Don’t draw conclusions to children, label them. If you don’t want to conclude that the child is stupid because the child did something wrong. Because children love to sleep late, they say children are lazy. Don’t criticize children in public. Don’t criticize your child in public and in front of your child’s friends, but save face for your child. Criticism is best done when there are only two people. Parents must have the same attitude towards children’s mistakes. If the parents’ views are not unified, the children will not have a clear understanding.

What causes the child’s reluctance to admit the wrong mentality

1. Children’s personality

Some children are strong, stubborn, and self-righteous, so even though they know they have done something wrong, they don’t want to admit it, for fear of losing face after admitting their mistakes. If you are always pointed out by adults or be reprimanded, children are prone to humiliation and resistance. Children naturally refuse to admit their mistakes out of instinct to protect themselves.

2. Improper education methods

Some parents’ education methods are simple and rude, and they beat and scold their children at every turn, which will only make the children panic and at a loss. The children naturally rack their brains in order to avoid punishment. The primary reason most children do not admit their mistakes is fear of being scolded, especially children who have been punished. Parents’ improper education methods not only failed to help children overcome and correct bad behaviors, but also caused children to have problems such as rebellion, lying, and mental illness.

3. Poor family environment

Some parents always teach their children condescendingly and make them obey themselves, but they never review their behavior. Some parents face disputes between children, always show favor to their children, and even help their children make excuses. Parents’ wrong example confuses children’s right and wrong views, and they also condone children to lie and conceal behavior. Of course, children will not admit their mistakes.

How can parents guide their children to proactively admit their mistakes

1. Let children recognize their mistakes

The reason why the child did not admit his mistake was probably because he didn’t know where he was wrong. In fact, many children do not have a concept of right and wrong. They do not know what is right and what is wrong in life. Therefore, when a child makes a mistake, the first thing parents need to do is to patiently tell the child why he did it wrong and where it was wrong. Only when the child knows where he is wrong can he correct it.

2. Correct the child’s mistakes in time

When a child does something wrong, parents should give an educational comment to correct it in a timely manner, and let the child know that the mistake can be remedied, as long as it is corrected, it will still be a good child. Parents must not blindly criticize and accuse the child after the child has done something wrong, as this will easily lead to the child’s rebellious psychology. For children who know how to correct but frequently make mistakes, parents should not only pay attention to the child’s verbal apology, but also pay attention to the process of correcting the wrong behavior.

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