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What is Biotechnology and Its Importance

by Fahid Safdar

We are the part of medical addicted society where we have only one aim to be a doctor since our birth and no other choice. Our institutes are responsible for this which make up the minds only for medical and dreaming the parents with the name of doctors.They don’t aware the students not the parents also about the beauty of bio sciences, other fields which are too much interesting and have more scope than MBBS. Then why only choice should be medical .We should have awareness of other fields of our interest and our choice but due to lack of approach we don’t have even any idea about other fields. Here is explanation of the Queen of biosciences and that is biotechnology.

First of all we will explain basically what is biotechnology? Biotechnology according to our general knowledge is just a field in which we use micro organism for the benefit of mankind, but its just not restricted to this definition. Today biotech is our basic need in developing era of science. We are advancing more and more in science so you call biotechnology as mother of all sciences.

Its relate each and every field whether its math, geography, economics , chemistry ,physics ,medical environmental sciences, earth sciences and so on. Biotech includes researches , new discoveries , innovations and the most important it covers the one health concept.

It relates how we can serve humanity by researching the cause, cure, eradication process and control of disease, by preparing vaccines. Such a insulin and more milestones in medical field. We use the nature for all this as we inter relate our environment in which each and every biological factors is included even animals and plants relating diseases also

For thousand of years mankind has used biotech for medicine, agriculture and food. Biotechnology has applications in four major fields such as

  • Health care
  • Crop production
  • Non food industries
  • Environmental uses

Why we should prefer Biotechnology?

Biotech is emerging field and after some time it will rule the world as MBBS doctors will be replaced by biotechnologists when we will be able to treat every disease by use of stem cells. Moreover about 7000 diseases which are incurable no doctor knows their treatment but biotechnologists are working on them. We have no innovation in medical field in Pakistan but biotech is innovating by thousands of research paper per capta.

Status of biotech in world

Biotechnology is growing field in developing countries. The developing world is achieving significant goals in this era. World super powers are investing a lot in this field. US has invested a large part of his budget for promotion of this field. UNO is promoting it in every country by funding and developing research labs .

In the continuing quest of development and advancement, several countries have embraced the importance of biotechnology parks that yield potential market products. Super powers are treating diseases even before birth of children by eliminating mutations in genes. They are developing and making immune system strong by genomics.

This year UNO has aided many developing countries to promote research in students if we will keep on moving like this one day we will rule this world. States are working on bioterrorism as through this any state can win over other state by reasonable and intelligent means of war.

Biotechnology in Pakistan

Over the last few decades, several fundamental discoveries in life sciences have given rise to modern biotechnology, the fastest growing field in this era and this century has tremendously called as ‘century of biotechnology’.

With the opening of country liberalization and economy Pakistan government has taken many steps to promote it and to move towards a knowledge based society. Biotechnology has thus been placed in top six priority list of science and technology policy of Pakistan. The top forums which are promoting biotechnology are Pakistan Academy of scientists(Islamabad), Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF), ECO Science Foundation.

The top universities of Pakistan are specially promoting students for research and providing best facilities in labs like NIBGE,CEMB, QAU and advancing labs with best equipment’s and advance technology. Many senior scientists are working on this and they are supporting students for abroad on their on behalf so may be advancement can also be in Pakistan as we are far behind from other counties in this field also like other fields.

We are also advancing in research and solving our many problems by this now the only need is that we have to change our mind set up. We have to promote it.

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