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Top 10 Treatment of Hair Damage Control

by Duaazahra
Hair Damage Control

There’s a day you’ll have to explore the treatment of hair damage to heal and to repair your hair.

It is important to have an efficient way to treat your hair and to rejuvenate them, if you have experienced heat loss, breakage, and even manage your hair postpartum. You can raise your mane from brittle to flourishing in several ways.

Hair damage is a worse condition than split ends. No doubt, the split ends progressively leads toward extreme hair damage.

The extreme damages refer to the condition in which cracks are developed in the outer layer of hair.

The open cracks lead to more severe damage day by day. Finally, you got dry, frizzy and I will say the toughest hair.
According to research performed in 2011, bleach (Hydrogen peroxide) raises the stains on our hair and leads to the decomposition of naturally occurring melanin.

Swelling is the first reaction, which is why damaged hair with bleach looks so bulky. It’s not the only explanation of why your hair can get broken. Using too much heat or to wash your hair every day are also bad habits which you should stop.

Furthermore, the absence of melanin makes the hair colorless and shifts the color of the hair dye to the reddish or yellowish.
Almost every second girls are facing this condition. But we have to do something for the treatment of hair damage.

If you think that cutting your hairs, you will get rid of hair damage this is not true all the time.

You must go for alternative ways for the treatment of hair damage and make it full sleek and shiny. Let’s, go to the ways for the treatment of hair damage.

Search for the reason for hair damage:

The first and most important step is to go for the reason of hair damage. There are many possible reasons: –
• due to dye
• due to the use of heat tools
• due to the usage of bleach
think for the reason with proper attention and this will decide the way of treatment. If you are not sure what exactly happened to your hair, then look for certain symptoms in your hair: –
• Dryness and dullness
• Tangles
• Brittleness and breakage
• Frizzy and fried
So, these are all the possible ways to search for the reason for hair damage.

Choose the method of treatment:

If you have found the reason for damage now go to the second step for the treatment of hair damage.
Try to dye your hair less often and stay in the same shade until your hair recovered. Also, try to use less shampoo and wash your hair less frequently.

Use the formulated water and rinse the hair with normal cold water. Never use too hot or cold water.
If you are still facing the issue, then go for the professionals. Select the methods that can help you to recover your hair permanently.

Please never wander from one salon to another. Choose the one service wisely and then stick to it.

1. Try some oil on hair:

You can also go for the use of some oils. Like coconut oil, mustard oil, and olive oil. Olive oil is more commonly used in hair products. Olive oil has a natural ability to hydrate the hair and provide the needed moisture to your hair.

2. Stop bleaching your hair:

If bleach is the reason, then stop bleaching your hair. Try to add more moisture to your hair. Avoid heat styling techniques.

The ultraviolet rays also damage your hair so use sun protection before going out.
Always wash your hair with fresh and cool water. Use hydrating shampoo and conditioners. Use almond oil more frequently.

3. Minimize the usage of heat tools:

If it is due to the usage of heat tools, then stop blow-drying your hair. They are the notorious tools for extreme damage to your hair.

So, if you want better treatment for damage then blow dry your hair less and blow dry hair from distance.
Use heat protection products before sing hair straightener. Always use heat tools at low temperatures. Air dry your hair.

4. Get a Keratin treatment for damaged hair:

Keratin therapy is the first remedy most living rooms can have for damaged blanched hair.

These treatments will restore keratin to your hair. In this therapy, the serum is applied on your hair and then you infuse it with a flat iron in your damaged locks.
Depending on how much you wash your hair, keratin will last between one and two months.

5. Use Avocado for Conditioning:

Bleached damaged hair needs to be conditioned urgently. You have to create your hair mask by mixing a ripe avocado with an egg yolk.

Apply to wet hair, massage the scalp, and leave for 20 minutes. Wash your hair or rinse it with water.

6. Try the mayonnaise treatment:

In hair repair, mayonnaise provides many advantages. Since it is rich in amino acids and oils, it naturally and efficiently affects your hair.

All you have to do is to use the mayonnaise just like your standard conditioner.
Then wear a shower cap to entrap the entire heat for fifteen minutes. Once you have rinsed it off you can notice that your hair looks much lighter and clearer.

7. Apply butter on your scalp:

You may not know, but your house has items that will help you treat damaged hair. For example butter.
A small portion can be put on your scalp and massage for a few minutes. Cover your head and let your butter stay for 30 minutes. Then rinse off your hair.

8. Try bananas on your hair:

For hair damaged, bananas are very helpful. They are high in fiber, vitamins, and proteins that are urgently required by your hair.

Mix a banana with a certain amount of sugar, castor oil, and yogurt. Apply the mask on your hair roots for 30 minutes. Then with shampoo, you can wash your hair.

9. Try natural conditioner:

Mix pure coconut oil with olive oil and almond oil is what you need to do. Research has shown that cocoa oil helps minimize the loss of protein.

Due to the loss of protein, the hair looks dull and dry. The harm caused by brushing is also prevented. It can enrich hair with vitamins and minerals because of its lauric acid.

Some Preventive tips to follow:

  • Regularly trim your hair.
  • Do not comb wet hair.
  • Use conditioner for moisturizing your hair.
  • Don’t wash your hair every day as it could harm and dry it.
  • Follow a balanced, organic, vegetable, fish, and plenty of liquids diet, including fresh meats.

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