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Top 5 VPN for your Microsoft Surface

by NancyYates
10 vpn for your Microsoft Surface

The Internet is a vast network of communication and sharing. Its revolution has made it possible for many people to be closer virtually, to get informed with a few clicks, to share information and files much faster, etc. However, every internet user should know that the Internet is not secure. Much of the information circulating there is very vulnerable and in addition, it is closely monitored. To surf anonymously, freely and securely on the internet, you need a vpn no matter what type of hardware you use to connect to the web. For your Microsoft Surface tablet, we recommend one of the 5 vpns below. These are the best vpn of the year. Each service is characterized by a very large network coverage and it is also compatible with the most secure vpn protocols currently.

Microsoft Surface: the range

The Microsoft Surface range refers to a series of tablet PCs developed by Microsoft Enterprise. It is characterized by tablet PCs (Surface and Surface Pro), Surface laptops or “Surface-books”, “Surface-Hubs” which are more interactive and “Surface-Studio” which bring everything together.

  • Tablets were mostly developed for students or users on a budget
  • Pro tablets, on the other hand, were designed for professionals
  • If you are looking for a tablet / laptop to work and / or play video games at the same time, this is the hybrid version for you.
  • The “Surface Studio” range is intended for image professionals and major designers

The operating systems used by the “Microsoft Surface” are: Windows RT (for the Surface RT tablet) and Windows 8 or Windows 10 for the rest. Note that Windows RT is a version of the Windows 8 operating system intended for ARM devices such as Surface tablets. Be careful, it should not be confused with Windows Mobile and it is also very different from Windows 8. Since 2015, this OS no longer benefits from updates from its developer who is Microsoft.

There are currently several names of VPN providers on the internet but only a few of them stand out. These are generally paid vpns which have many vpn servers around the world and which are compatible with secure vpn protocols such as Open vpn, SSTP, L2TP or even PPTP (for mobile devices). Here is the list of the 5 most reliable VPNs for your Microsoft Surface:

  1. Hidemyass: it is the best vpn of the year with its +950 vpn servers located in more than 190 countries in the world. If you are looking for a VPN capable of bypassing various forms of internet censorship and at the same time keeping access to your online TV channel sites wherever you are, this is Hidemyass for you. Compatible with PPTP, L2TP and Open vpn, this vpn can be easily installed on your Microsoft Surface. To install Hidemyass on your device, we recommend that you go to the company’s official website and download the HMA pro vpn software compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and IOS. Once this application is installed on your device, all you have to do is launch it to connect to the virtual private network. If you are interested in HMA, exceptional discounts.
  1. Fastest VPN is also perfect for your Microsoft Surface tablet or computer. What is interesting with Fastest VPN is that it is configured in a few clicks and that it does not keep the activity logs of its customers. It is therefore perfect for maximizing your online anonymity, while at the same time giving you internet freedom. In total, the company makes available to its customers in 40+ Countries. To access your favorite sites wherever you are, simply connect to one of these servers. To enjoy a super-fast connection with Fastest VPN, it is recommended to choose an unsaturated vpn server that offers a high transfer rate.
  1. Private Internet Access: this vpn provides its clients with +3300 vpn servers located in around thirty countries around the world. Compatible with PPTP, L2TP and Open vpn, this vpn is also perfect for the Microsoft Surface range. For network configuration, you can choose between automatic configuration with PIA vpn software or manual configuration by setting up the vpn yourself. In this second case, you should obtain the configuration information from your VPN provider. The settings will be made from the “Control Panel” and “Network Settings” menu of your tablet or laptop.
  1. CyberGhost vpn offers two types of vpn: free and paid. With free vpn, your connection will be limited. Therefore, paid vpn is the most recommended for your Microsoft Surface. Thanks to this service, you can change your IP address as many times as you want and you can also encrypt your connection up to 256 bits with Open vpn or L2TP. The encryption rate offered by the CyberGhost vpn PPTP is 128 bits. Note that CyberGhost also currently has a very practical and very complete client software. Available as a free download, this application will already give you access to the company’s free vpn servers. Upgrading to the paid version can be done directly from this software.
  1. Express vpn: this is a very secure vpn which is compatible with the following vpn protocols: PPTP, L2TP and Open vpn. With the latter, the encryption rate of the user’s connection can reach 256 bits. With such a level of security, be sure that hackers will no longer be able to decrypt your online data exchanges. As for its number of servers, Express vpn currently has +300 high-end vpn servers and which are updated regularly.

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