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Top 5 Method to save the Earth

by Duaazahra
Top 5 Method to save the planet Earth

The emissions of Greenhouse gases rise, the extreme weather forecasts seem to be being realized by scientists, the air in our cities is becoming hazardous, water is becoming scarce, ocean health and fish stocks have been decreasing, human activities are destroying forests, plastic is being destroyed on our seas. These environmental challenges have massive implications for our planet earth.

We are destroying nature at a never-ending rate and threatening a million species’ survival and our future. However, it is not too late to save them and us. The evidence is undisputed. Biodiversity and ecosystem resources are being disrupted to the point that our well-being is being threatened, at least, with human change.

Are we destroying our environment? What is causing degradation? Because we have discovered a way to cure some of the most infectious diseases, we have rapidly increased human populations. We needed more land, more water, most of all because of our population boom.

Forestry is almost gone, as we had to clear it out for planting more crops, for grasping and for providing wood and other raw materials for livestock. It is not only a responsibility to take care of the earth, but it is also a necessity. There are the following things we can do now to save our planet.

1-Conserve water

The little stuff can change a lot. We do something good every time we turn the water off as we brush our teeth. We may drop down the drain every day to 340 liters of water. Please don’t turn on your shower until you can take your hair and wash it. As you wash the dishes, limit your consumption of water.

2-Avoid taking cars when possible

The greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by an average of 1,590 pounds annually if we stay off the road for a week. Cars are environmentally harmful. Walking and biking are clear ways of reducing greenhouse gases. By doing this, we can save the earth from increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

3-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Typical plastic food bags are thrown away end up in waste disposal sites or other pieces. They can suffocate or confuse animals that are trapped in them. It takes a while to decompose the bags as well. It is using a reusable pack, whether you shop for food, clothing, or books. This reduces the litter and stops animals from taking it.

Be careful to buy a bulk container of the drink you want and buy a reusable water bottle instead of purchasing individually-packed drinks. This not only protects the climate; it also saves you money as a bulk container is purchased. It’s so easy to do recycling, but so many people don’t. Most waste disposal companies have recycling services, so buy the product that can be recycled.

Stops overfishing

Not only is overfishing and poor management of fisheries is destructive, but it also drives fish populations to the verge of collapse. This affects food chains and ocean habitats by messing with the balance of all life on the sea. And that threatens thousands of people who rely on seafood as the main livelihood and animal protein source. Deliver what the fishing populations can accept so that our oceans will be more abundant and healing in the future, to refine our fishing methods.

Increase clean energy

Climate change is today, our planet’s single most significant threat. To avoid catastrophic harm, we need to reduce carbon emissions. We can do this by moving 85 percent of the global energy supply to non-fossil fuels and invest in reforestation programs to absorb carbon dioxide.

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