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Top 10 Reasons to Install Windows 10

by Fahid Safdar
Top 10 reason to Install Windows 10

Nowadays Windows 10 is the latest version of windows in the market. But most of us are till now stuck at windows 7 and don’t want to upgrade them and claiming many problems for upgrading them to windows 10.

In this article, we will discuss 10 best-fit reasons to upgrade yourself at windows 10

1) It’s Free

If you want to upgrade yourself from 7,8 than you can easily upgrade yourself at windows 10 and still it’s absolutely free. This option is not for organizations

2) Upgrade your self without data Loss

Normally during up-gradation from one Operating system to another operating system user can lose his data which is really the worst impression but up-gradation to Windows 10 having this cool reality that your files and installed programs remain safe and sound and you don’t have to recover anything and you can enjoy the benefits of windows 10

3) Hardware Dependency

If user is currently using windows 7,8 he can easily use windows 10 because windows 10 is compatible with that hardware which is using at old windows.

4) More n More Features

If we talk about features windows 10 has a lot of more and interesting features that were not available in old versions. Graphics battery savers developer mode Play store applications and much much more for users
5) Single OS for All devices
Window 10 is a platform free window that a user can use at mobile tablet phablet or personal computers. One file can be used at any platform with windows ten options

6) New Browser

Windows 10 has it’s own faster browser than any other named Edge mostly user saying that this browser is really much faster than other browsers available in the market.

7) Security Shield

With the features of Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport users don’t need to remember his passwords or any other security things with these 2 new features user can use his biometric identity and login to your accounts which you want to use. These features also secure computers and their wrong usage. Its Biometric security system also saves your data at your computer, not at any backup server.

8)Start Button

The symbol of Microsoft is really common in its every version but in windows, 8 users didn’t get the start button, and now after high demands of the start button in updated window 10 uses can get the best experience of the start button. Also, usage of window 10 is really simple so no one can have any hurdle during his work

9) Virtual Desktop

User can do much work at the same time but if a Virtual desktop facility is the available user can enhance his work capacity. Before these Users, cant gets this experience but in windows ten, users can use virtual desktop options and can do their work from anywhere.

10) Newly Command Prompt

Copy-paste option in command prompt is a new feature added in this Windows now users can directly copy and paste different commands and use them in a better way.

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