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Top 10 Lies in World of Computer Sciences

by Scienceooze
Top 10 Lies in World of Computer Sciences

Computers nowadays in become a fundamental thing for each one as like Food Air and shelter no one can deny its importance in today’s world. As users of computers are increasing day by day so the Computer-related persons are also increasing.

Researchers want to give complete research to the persons who are the users of computers. Lies are told in every field and here you will know about the top 10 lies in world of computer sciences.

In this article, you will read the top 10 lies in the world of computer sciences which the old ones use for the publicity of computers

1) Fragmentation of Hard Disk Regularly

Every computer user knows that hard disk is made from the magnet and some other solid materials as this disk rotate much faster and roundabout speed is 4000r[m normally Hard disk consist of many tracks and sectors and each track and sector have their unique address and assigned number.

At each disk a data head is present and this data head writes and reads data at these disks. Now when we store data at hard disk so this data head store data at a different place in this hard disks it’s not necessary that data head place each data at same track or sector it can spread it at different sectors and tracks and at the time of recovery it can read it out this data where it stores this earlier.

This data which is divided into the form of chunks at different sectors is known as Fragmented data. The bad thing is that when we want to take back this data read-write head needs much time to recover it.

And file opening becomes slower. But whole data is placed at the same location it will take less time to open it for this purpose The Defragmentation process is done so data remain at the same disk or track and when it to recover the recovery speed must be very fast.

In Old days with old Operating systems all we want to fragment the data but now with the latest operating system, there is no need to defragment the Data in the upcoming window 11 is much able to automatically defragment the data and user has much fast experience to open its any heavy file.

2) Viruses are killing our Computers

Whenever out the computer is working slow the 1st thought in our mind is ohh…. we are victimized of any Virus. And our surrounded people are saying same oh yes it’s all from None invited Virus. Now think a virus is made for this thing to slow your working ability at the time of his entrance so you are aware of him and kill hi,.No …

The virus does their work slowly without your intensions. In the latest computers, we have many overloaded programs and when we star many programs parallel so the programs are trying to fight with each other so in this fight computer working becomes slow. And we victimize with slow working or delay in programs opening. This is all due to program load not due to viruses.

So next time whenever you victimize this problem don’t blame to virus directly. Instead of it check your computer is compatible with the programs you are running on it.

3)Memory Cleaners

Nowadays you will see different cleaner software’s claiming that they can clean memory during its working and your computer can work more fastly.

We need this software once in a month so why we need to install them during the whole time so just install them once in a month clean all the garbage your mobile or computer collect clean them clean your registry your all components from collected garbage and again delete them so it will be more effective than any other thin.

4) No Need of Antivirus

Let me talk about another lie in the top lies in world of computer sciences. If we ask from any person who is not using ant viruses he will often say that I am using Mac or Lunex or I don’t use any wrong websites so my PC c can not be threatened. Both suppositions are wrong You need anti Virus in each n every condition.

Now a day’s Hackers can also affect Lunex and Mac PCs as well as they can get your PC through common sites and affect your PC which can be really harmful to you.

5) Warm Booting and Cold Booting

Computer Users say that cold booting is much better as compared to warm booting and there is no need to shut down your computer daily and also if you are a daily user it’s better to switch at sleep mode instead of shutting down.

But there is not any true thing in this myth. So if you want to consume less electricity you have to power off your computer properly and also restarting the computer from cold Boot is really better for your PCs health.

6) MAC vs. PCs

It’s a common phenomenon in our society that Mac computers are much better than PCs and also we all have in our mind that Mac computers are very costly.
If you go towards 1st lie than its just a wrong thing in our Mind if you think Mac is many fasters than you know that PCs are also having the capacity to do heavy jobs like Mac without any delay.

2nd thing is about cost as Mac is providing each and everything so if you compare it with PCs hardware and you purchased the same quality and specs based PCs you came to know both have almost the same price tags.

7) Safe Browsers

Random people say that if you use that browser you will be safe from many online frauds. But in a true sense, each browser has the same threats while using the Online. So we cannot claim about any browser that it is safe and it is not you have to manage your own security wall for avoiding online frauds.

8) Format Data with Magnetic Rays

We all know that no one can format hard drive permanently and data remains at Hard disk in form of bits and it can be retrieved easily by any expert. And if you want to format it permanently you have to use this disk again n again so data cannot be retrieved at its original condition.

Now some So-called expert persons claim that if you touch the hard disk with heavy power magnetic bar all data will be formatted. It’s a Lie. This is only useful for Floppy drives but not for hard disks.

9) RAM or Processor is responsible for Speed

If you asked from any So-called expert that my PC is facing speed issues and sticking during its work the common and will be oh change your RAM or processor. Working on a computer is not only dependent on these two so don’t stick in these nonprofessional things.

10) Free based Software

Try to avoid suck type of shits. As in the world of computers, no one is doing a job for free then how any company says that they are offering free software for you these software are act like Trojan horse. Trojan horse abbreviation is used for the one who looks beneficial for us but acts like an enemy for us.

This free software after installation affects the running of your computers so avoid them and use an original company based soft ware. For smooth working.

Hope you have learnt about lies in world of computer sciences and next time you will try your best to avoid any type of scam with you.

Waqas Tariq Paracha

IT Professional

Expert Trainer British Council

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