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Top 10 Best Selling Books to Read All the Time

by Fatimakainat
Top 10 Best Selling Books to Read All the Time

Good Books, Good friends, and a sleepy conscience; this is an ideal life. Books are the most sincere friend of anyone.

If you have good books to read, it means you spend your time very well. Books bring positivity to life.

Books make one’s life beautiful and purposeful. The literary meaning of a text is “Big Ocean Of Knowledge.”

Books help someone differentiate between right and wrongs, and also brings joy and emotions to people’s lives.

A good book is like a good friend; the more you read it, the more interesting it will be. In this article, some excellent books help you find the joy and purpose of your life. So here are the top 10 best Selling books to read all the time

1-The power of your subconscious mind

Joseph Murphy tends to focus on the sub-consciousness of the brain.

This book is the best seller from the time of its publication in 1963, and also in this book, Joseph Murphy tried to tell us the working of the conscious and subconscious mind.

This book helps you mend yourself, eliminate your fear, and help you live a happier life.

2-Reclaim your heart

It is a very beautifully written book that brings spirituality to life. Yasmin Mujahid is a renowned psychologist and Islamic orator.

She wrote this book soothingly and straightforwardly so that the reader can easily understand her emotions. She highlights the importance of spirituality in one’s life.

It brings hope to the heartbroken and disappointed individuals because it was written based on her personal experiences.

3-You can win

Shiv Khera is a renowned author. This book is an international bestseller, and also this book is about positivity and recognizing yourself.

I read this book, and it made valuable changes in my life because it helps individuals see how success comes its way to you.

It highlights the values of life. I can say it as a guidebook that unlocks the paths to success.

4-A thousand splendid suns

Khalid Hosseini is an American- Afghan author. After the Kite Runner, it is his second bestseller.

The story of this book is fascinating that no one can put the book before completing it.

Khalid Hosseini elaborates on the mental barriers of women in a country like Afghanistan.

This book’s story is very heart, touching, explaining the violence and unimaginable surfaces in a gentle way.

5-Dream year

Dream year is a new book. Ben Arment is the author of this book. This book is about entrepreneurs and those who want to live a successful life because ambitious people dream big.

In this book, Arment tried his best to highlight entrepreneurial ideas. And it helps one to lead happy and financially stable enterprises.


Kate Zambreno is an ambitious author. He wrote fictional stories. In this book, he wrote about a woman.

The woman is struggling to complete her remaining novel. Due to the challenging and slippery nature of time, she becomes gripped by the challenge of writing in the present tense.

So for completing her book, she faces profound correspondences.

7-The reluctant Fundamentalist

This book is about a Pakistani man who wants to attain business success on wall streets.

But he finds himself caught up between his dreams and his beliefs. The writer of this book is Mohsin Hamid.

This book brings a smile to the reader’s face.” It is a cleverly constructed fable infatuation with America,” says James Ladson.

8-7 habits of highly effective people

In this book, Stephen Covey highlights the ideas for a successful startup. This book was published in 1989.

This book helps show how someone’s living his /her life effective because it educates the people about business ideas.

And also elaborate on the effective habits that everyone should adopt. So that to live a successful life.

9-Gone with the wind

The writer of this book is Margaret Mitchell. This is a long read book. But this book is very interesting to read.

It keeps the reader gripped to the story until it finishes. This book is about love, war, patriotism, racism, slavery, and struggle and also the title of the book easily conveys the saying of the writer.

10-A walk to remember

Nicholas spark beautifully highlights the romantic wave in this book. This is a love story of Jamie and Landon Carter.

This story is heart pulling, sad, and beautiful. This story is about the only son of a financially strong family who fell in love with an unpredicted person and also faces troubles in life due to this…

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