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Tips to Write a Romantic Novel

by NancyYates
Tips to Write a Romance Novel

Romantic novels have always been able to capture our hearts and woo us with the idealistic dynamics that they tend to portray. Not only do these novels include mystery but elements of intimacy and basic human drama as well that most readers love.

This genre was once considered to be shameful but in today’s time, it is considered to be one of the most-read genres. You might have come across romance novels titles Outlander and Crazy Rich Asians. Both books have made it to the top in these current times, even got turned into films.

As hard as it might be to explain the phenomenon of love, it is not too tough to write about it. Here are a few tips that we are going to explore. As a ghostwriting agency, you are going to understand how romance novels work, their crucial elements, and features that you need to include within your content to make it more engaging.

Finding Your Niche

Even when it comes to romance novels, there are going to be niches. For example, there are historical romance novels, books for young adults, fantasy, paranormal, and erotica.

In case you feel entangled as to what genre your novel might fit into then the simplest method to get out of this situation is to find yourself a niche. Right now, to delve into the developmental stages you need to ensure that you are exploring the many facets of romance.

These are going to be subgenres linked to romance novels, that you can explore by stepping into the romance section at book stores. Go through different references and see what clicks. This will help you gain inspiration and form a direction that you will feel a pull towards.

Setting your Stage

Romance mostly revolves around how well you stage events and settings. If the setting is not captivating enough then the reader is going to get repelled away. They will not be able to flow with the story and feel a part of it.

You might ask what setting is? Setting refers to the cozy, scenarios, and backgrounds such as a college campus, a village, or a place where the main characters are going to encounter and venture on their romantic journey.

You might have noticed how most romance novel authors often form their stories in series. That allows them to form a set and then carry it furthermore to develop characters, instances and add an extensive climax to it as well.

Having a compact set is going to allow you to help your character’s encounter more often, which will add a background story to how your two main characters met and eventually fell in love. Even when you decide on adding outside threats to the story, your main characters are going to be driven towards one another in a compact setting.

Irrespective of your setting, it is important that you make it immersive and add realistic details to it. You can even use imagery or draw maps which are going to allow you to know the make-belief geography of your story.

Having a Strong Main Couple

Romance is nothing without two strong main couples. It is a genre that is driven by characters. Giving you all reasons to form characters that your readers are going to be head over heels for.

There needs to be a hero and a heroine, but you don’t have to confine it to heterosexual couples; you can even choose to explore the lgbtq+ spectrum within your romance novel. There are no boundaries to how your characters are supposed to be and who they should be.

Your romance novel is going to need a character that comes to save, a vulnerable character, and a heroine. One character can fulfill more than one aspect, for as long as you can carry the narrative forward and build the story around it.

Having Enemies and Friends – Additional Characters

Apart from your main characters, you are going to need additional ones too that are going to make up your main characters’ families, friends and be a part of random encounters as well.

The main couple is going to know other people as well and you need to ensure to show that as well. To make it even more exciting your novel is going to need enemies as well, which will spark the drama and bring out the damsel in distress; leading to another main character coming into the scenario to save the day.

The tips that have been mentioned above are going to help you form a romance novel that will help your readers go gaga over the two lovers. This will allow them to feel like they are a part of your story as well. And more than that, this will inspire them to have a similar relationship with their partners. 

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