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8 tips to increase B2B sales

by NancyYates
tips to increase B2B sales

Selling to other companies is not an easy task. If we want to be successful we have to apply different tactics to those we do in direct sales to the consumer.

That is why eWorldTrade recommend you follow these eight tips, with which you will achieve an approach that will help you close and increase B2B sales:

Contact the decision maker directly

In most companies the person who actually makes the decisions is not easily accessible. This is the first obstacle that a B2B seller must overcome to be successful, to be able to deal directly with the person who makes the final purchase decision. Don’t waste your time building relationships with middle managers. It is comfortable to establish contact with the closest people, but it will not help you if they do not have decision-making power. Focus all your efforts on establishing relationships with the people who really have the ability to make a purchase.

Sell the results and projection

Companies are not interested in your product or service, what really interests them are the results and what they can achieve with your help. It is impractical to make an effort so that your leads know all the characteristics of your products or services. What B2B companies will value is what they can achieve thanks to your product or service.

Explain what your value proposition is

You have to know how to explain clearly and concisely what your value proposition consists of. Many B2B sales do not close because sellers are unable to explain what value they bring to their customers. Write a script in which you explain your value propositions, why you are better than your competition. It will be very useful to close B2B sales.

Sell in person whenever possible

We already know that we have to deal directly with the person who makes the purchase decisions, now we are going to talk about how to sell our product to them. Whenever possible we should try to sell in person and do everything in our power to achieve face-to-face with the person making the decisions. Sometimes this means making a trip, with the investment of time and money that it implies.

However, it is an effort that we must undertake to be successful in B2B business. A quick trip to close a face-to-face deal can make the difference between closing a sale or a lost sale.

Don’t sell by price

The success of the most profitable businesses is not in their prices, it is in the value they provide and the results they help achieve. If your efforts are focused on offering the lowest prices, you will end up attracting clients with little investment capacity. To increase your B2B sales, do not lower your price list, make your client understand the value that your products or services are going to bring to their company.

Get to know your client in depth

Try to understand the needs of the companies you want to sell to. What are their needs? What problems are you most concerned about and what are the consequences of not solving them? Knowing the answers to these questions and applying them to your B2B sales strategy will be a guarantee of success.

Keep your emotions in check

One of the best tips for achieving B2B sales closure is to keep your emotions in check. We cannot take business personally. We must remain calm and not be intimidated when we are face to face with an aggressive customer. Giving the feeling of being scared or nervous can be synonymous with losing a sale.

Provide three options in your B2B budgets

Offering only one option in our budgets is a serious mistake. If we do this, the client will probably look for other options in the market, a better price or different services. Instead of making a single proposal, it offers three options with different prices and features. The client will choose the one that best suits their needs and budget. In many cases we will be surprised to see that they choose the most expensive option, which means that the client has really understood the value of our proposal.

I hope these eight tips help you close many more B2B sales. If you previously applied any of them, tell us your experience and if you have any recommendation that you can add, share it with a comment.

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