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Tesla Model S 2020 Review and specification

by AhsanAli
Tesla Model S 2020

Tesla Model S 2020 a state of art long-range electric vehicle manufactured by Tesla company has various unique features.

Tesla has revolutionized the automobile industry by the introduction of its state of the art technology by developing electric and hybrid cars. When analyzing the cars based on the performance Tesla Model S 2020 comes at the top of the list. Elon Musk has developed the first Model S in 2012. During these several years, it is gone through various modifications and improvements. Now it has improved range and suspensions with various software and hardware updates. Tesla Model S is basically a five-seater car that can be made seven-seater by addition of rear seats.

Salient Features of Tesla Model S

  • It is an electric that makes it economical and fast
  • Aluminum body that makes its lightweight with no chances of rust
  • State of Art style with impressive looks
  • Everything is completely digital with no buttons. It has a 17-inch touch screen
  • It has a great road grip due to its low center of gravity
  • Due to dynamic air suspensions, it gives a smooth ride
  • Acceleration is exquisite. It takes 2.4 seconds to reach 0-60.
  • Offers great safety with 8 airbags and traction control
  • Comfortable and spacious interior
  • 200Kw supercharging with V3 superchargers
  • It has a huge boot space which can be increased by folding rear seats
  • Emergency automatic brakes
  • Autopilot features with collision avoidance, self-parking, and future self-driving
  • All-Wheel Drive
  • Latch child attachments in the rear seat
  • It gives 360 visualization
  • Climate control system with HEPA air filtration that prevents the entry of the pathogens
  • Its offers great range about 400 miles that is indeed very much greater than any electric car
  • It has wireless connectivity
  • It has a built-in web browser
  • Car auto-lock itself if you leave the car
  • The car has an exquisite glass roof
  • The car has a heating and cooling system

In our review this car is astonishing. This electric car has various software and hardware updates as compared to previous models. These cars are the trendsetter and future of the automobile industry. It has no dependency on fuels and with no smoke etc. The Tesla Model S long-range in perfect choice in the electric cars list.

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