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Solar eclipse 21st June, Corona Pandemic

by Scienceooze
Solar eclipse 21st June, Corona Pandemic

Every year solar eclipse occurs in June and this year solar eclipse side effects will have combination with Corona pandemic. The solar eclipse will initiate from the Republic of Congo in Africa then pass on from South Sedan, Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and then Pakistan.

A solar eclipse happens when the moon passes between earth and sun hence creating obstacles in the image of the sun for the viewer at Earth. It’s an annual solar eclipse. It is also known as a ring of fire because when the moon causes an obstacle it causes hindrance hence making the ring.

Solar Eclipse time

Tomorrow it will start at 10 am and will continue till 2 pm. It will cause too much eye health issues. If anyone tries to observe it directly he/she can lose eyesight permanently. It can be a huge cause of many eye issues hence better ways are here

  1. Avoid going outside
  2. Don’t try to look sun directly
  3. Don’t allow children to go outside
  4. Tomorrow will be the longest day in the northern hemisphere. Everyone is directed to stay inside and don’t expose your eyes to direct sunlight.
  5. This year world is facing Corona pandemic and if issues account due to solar eclipse then it will be a combination of problematic issues by Corona and solar eclipse at time.
  6. Already the world is going on with lockdown so the chances of many people are to stay inside hence we can hope issues will not come forward too much. Let’s hope and pass tomorrow with patience and enjoying routine by staying inside rather than enjoying the weekend outside.

The strong radiations which will not be filtered during a solar eclipse can damage your receptors in ayes permanently hence damaging your ability of sight. Without special goggles don’t try to witness the sight directly and maximum try not to watch indirectly you can watch it on many media platforms.

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