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Rumors of microchips and DNA alterations against Covid-19 vaccine exposed

by Scienceooze

We have examined many of the widespread misconceptions about the coronavirus vaccine, ranging from inserting microchips into humans to changing the genetic system.

Claiming to change DNA

We have regularly seen claims on social media that the vaccine will somehow be changing the DNA.

When we asked three independent scientists about this, they said that the coronavirus vaccine would not change human DNA.

Some other new vaccines, along with a new vaccine developed by Pfizer / Biontech in the UK, use the virus’s genetic material – or a piece of messenger RNA.

“Inserting RNA into a person has nothing to do with human cell DNA,” said Jeffrey Almond, an Oxford University professor.

It works by revealing the body to make proteins that are present on the surface of the coronavirus.

The immune system then detects to recognize the protein and make antibodies against it.

This is not the first time we have considered claims that the coronavirus vaccine could potentially alter DNA. We investigated a viral video that spread the idea in May.

The posts said the Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine technology had “never been tested or approved before.”

It is true that no mRNA vaccine has been approved before, but there have been many trials of mRNA vaccines in humans over the past few years. And since the onset of the epidemic, tens of thousands of people worldwide have been tested and subjected to rigorous safety measures.

Like all other new vaccines, it has to undergo a strict safety trial before being recommended for widespread use.

In the first- and second-stage clinical trials, the vaccine is used by a small number of volunteers to determine what is the appropriate dose and how safe it is.

The third phase of trials is tested on thousands of people to see how effective they are. The group that has been vaccinated and the control group that has been given the placebo are closely monitored to see if there are any side or adverse reactions. Safety surveillance continues even after vaccine use has been approved.

Bill Gates and microchip 

Now a conspiracy theory is spreading around the world. It is claimed that there is a plan to install microchips under the form of coronavirus vaccine, and behind it is Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

No vaccine is a “microchip,” and there is no evidence to support the claim that Bill Gates is planning to do so in the future.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation said the claim was “false.”

Rumors rose in March when Mr. Bill Gates said in an interview that “eventually we will have some digital certificates” that will reveal who was recovered after using it and who finally Got the vaccine. He made no mention of microchips. This led to a widely shared article entitled ‘Bill Gates to Use Microchip Implants to Fight Corona Virus.’

This article refers to the Gates Foundation’s research to record a vaccine in a special ink with an injection. However, this technology is not a microchip, but it is like an invisible tattoo. Anna Jacqueline, a scientist, involved in the study, said it had not yet been developed and would not allow people to track or enter personal information into the database. Microsoft’s billionaire founders have been the subject of many false rumors during this epidemic.

They have been targeted for their philanthropic work in the development and promotion of public health and vaccines.

Despite the lack of evidence, in a May survey of 1,640 people in Yugoslavia, 28 percent of Americans thought Mr. Gates wanted to use the vaccine to inject microchips into people, and 44 percent of Republicans believed so.

Fetal cell 

We have seen allegations that the vaccine uses lung cells from a lost fetus or aborted baby, completely wrong.

“Fetal cells have not been used in the development of any vaccine,” said Dr. Michael, Head of the University of Southampton.

A special video posted on the biggest anti-vaccine Facebook page refers to research in which the narrator explains that AstraZeneca and Oxford University develop the vaccine. But the narrator’s interpretation is wrong because this study revealed the reaction when the vaccine was introduced into human cells in the lab.

From the University of Bristol, Dr. David Mathews explained that many vaccines are made using this method. He added that any cell markings are comprehensively removed from the vaccine following “extraordinarily high standards.

Vaccine developers at Oxford University say they have worked with cloned cells, but these cells are not “spontaneously aborted baby cells.”

As a factory, these cells work to produce a very weak form of the virus adapted to act as a vaccine.

But although the weakened virus is produced using these cloned cells, this cellular substance is completely removed from it and is not used in vaccines when it is purified.

Recovery rate claims

We’ve seen widespread arguments on social media against a Covid-19 vaccine, asking why we need a vaccine if we have a very low risk of dying from the virus.

Opponents of the corona vaccine say that Corona is better than the vaccine when the corona recovery rate is 99.97%.

We have already stated that the figures, which are being described as meme ‘recovery rates’, are not accurate as many of the people who have been affected by Corona have survived.

Liam Smith, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, says that to be content with the overall death rate or to break the cycle of individual vaccinations is to deviate from the point of view of vaccination. He says it should be seen as an attempt by society to protect others.

“The reason for the lockdown in the UK in the worst of epidemics is that health services are not fully shut down. Weak groups such as the elderly and the sick living in care homes are more likely to become seriously ill if the virus is found.

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