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Ring Devices Help Make Peace of Mind More Accessible to All

by Fahid Safdar

At Ring, we believe everyone deserves tranquility of mind at home and in their neighborhood, which is why we’ve engendered a variety of efficacious and facile to utilize home security products for every domicile and lifestyle. We often aurally perceive stories from our customers about how their Ring contrivances have availed bulwark their homes and families, connected them with profoundly relished ones, captured special moments, and so much more. Through these stories, we’ve additionally found that many of our products have availed people with disabilities in an impactful way, providing them access to home security.

With the Ring Video Doorbell, we’ve auricularly discerned that the facility to visually perceive, auricularly discern, and verbalize with visitors directly through the Ring App has been auxiliary for some customers with disabilities, as well as caretakers. For Grace, who is 22 years old and has Down Syndrome, her family’s Ring Video Doorbell has given her more independence, verbalizes her mom Dawn. She withal shared how they can repose assured that Grace hasn’t left home without them kenning, or let someone in the front door. Looking back on one video of Grace goofing off for the camera, Dawn verbalizes, “Grace wanted to go visually perceive the moon and take pictures in the front. Because she is an adult and profoundly relishes to be independent, we were able to turn the Ring camera on to visually examine her.”

Ring customer Austin, who utilizes a wheelchair, withal finds his Ring Video Doorbell to be a consequential contrivance for his domicile and daily life. He verbally expresses, “Being in a wheelchair denotes I’m more gradual at a plethora of things, and other things are more arduous. Being able to optically discern who is at the door lets me ken if I should answer it. If I do not optate to answer it, I can verbalize through the doorbell camera as well.”

Adjuncts like the Ring Chime can additionally contribute to the accessibility of our contrivances. While a simple additament to one’s home security setup, we’ve auricularly discerned from customers how it can make an immensely colossal difference. The Ring Chime connects to a customer’s Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras so they can aurally perceive authentic-time notifications in their abode, like when someone triggers the camera’s kineticism sensor or presses the doorbell button. By placing multiple Chime contrivances around the abode, customers can auricularly discern notifications from compatible Ring contrivances when they are in different rooms.

Dennis, who is auricularly discerning impaired, visually perceived the benefits of this first-hand when an individual endeavored to break into his cars in the middle of the night. Because of the Chime he keeps in his bedroom, he was notified of the incident in authentic time and immediately sounded the siren on his Ring Floodlight Cam, sending the potential larcenist running.

Another helpful accessory is the Alarm Panic Button. This add-on for Ring Alarm originated from a simple goal: to be able to call for help if unable to use the Alarm keypad or the Ring App. Pressing and holding the Alarm Panic Button for three seconds sets off the siren. If the customer is subscribed to our Ring Protect plan and enrolled in professional monitoring, our 24/7 Ring Monitoring Center will be notified and emergency responders can be requested for dispatch. This button can be put anywhere, from a bedside table to the kitchen counter. 

Lastly, customers who also own an Echo Show can access their Ring Video Doorbell or Security Camera Live View with Alexa, just by using their voice. A command as simple as, “Alexa, show me my front door,” is all it takes to see who is at the doorstep. This feature has been especially helpful for customers with motor and physical disabilities. Check out this article to learn how to connect your Ring and Amazon Alexa-supported devices

We strive to understand all of our customers’ needs so that we can drive improvements based on their feedback. With every iteration of our products, we aim to make hardware and software enhancements that contribute to ease of use. And we’re always working to create new products, accessories and features that allow our customers to tailor their Ring experience to their needs. Because when we design with all customers in mind, we create solutions that help make more homes and neighborhoods safer.

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