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PUBG player Solo King reacted to PUBG banned by PTA

by Duaazahra
PUBG player Solo King reacted to PUBG banned by PTA

PUBG remains temporarily prohibited in the country according to an order issued by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). The decision is made, after receiving numerous complaints about the game. Solo king well known PUBG player speaks on this decision of PTA

On 1 July, Pakistan Telecommunications Authority PTA temporarily banned the renowned foreign video game Player Unknowns’ Battlefield (PUBG) in Pakistan. The entire situation is based on the fact that suicidal cases due to PUBG have enforced the PTA to banned it. The Lahore High Court has requested to PTA to consider the issue and listen to the complainants. Many people have supported this decision while others have opposed it.

Online networking stages have been raged with individuals who grandstand their abilities in the game. Jawad Ali is one of these individuals, a well-known PUBG player as Solo King. He considered this decision wrong and speaks on the game being banned in the country. He mentions that through PUBG, the people of Pakistan have made a good profit.

Player has loyal fans who can see you on all social media platforms. All videos are monetized so that the uploader can receive money from people who enjoy videos online. He says that I know such a large number of people who have taken their enthusiastic and specialized talent succeeding in playing PUBG. It warms my heart to imagine that they should taste the unforgiving real factors of life sharply

Well-known brands like Mountain Dew have also sponsored numerous Pakistani PUBG tournaments that receive huge turnouts. He says that because of its PUBG players, Pakistan has gained a highly respectable place on international platforms. Pakistan’s Team Freestyle won the International PUBG tournament and played in other well-known competitions. Solo King mentions that in this current situation people are using PUBG as an alternate way to spend their time.

Solo King while talking about suicidal cases have mentioned that their death was sad news but their parents were not taking control of their children’s mental health. There may be several other reasons for this mortality like drug-related issues. There can be no pall over the grief of these deaths, but the real reasons behind these deaths must be brought to the public.

Many grim areas should be discussed when discussing whether PUBGs should or should not be allowed in the country instead of seeing what can be collected from the surface. The destiny of Pakistan ‘s game is still in confusion. The government will decide to permanently ban the game or lift the temporary ban.

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