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PUBG game is banned by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

by AhsanAli
PUBG game is banned by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

After getting feedback from public PTA has banned the PUBG and PUBG Mobile calling it addictive which has a negative impact on health.

Government of Pakistan has banned one of the most popular battle game known as PUBG (Player Unknown Battleground). The concerned authority stated that there are several complaints against this game by the public. PTA stated that they surveyed and found out that it is very addictive and has negative impacts on the player’s health. They also said that this game is also the reason for suicide in Pakistan.

The telecommunication authority of Pakistan has named PUBG “addictive” and a “wastage of time”. It presents a “genuine negative effect” on the physical and mental wellbeing of players. According to the media reports the PUBG is responsible for various suicide cases. These reports are under scrutiny on the sets of Lahore High Court.

PTA has looked for input from the general population by July 10. After the input, it will be decided whether the ban will be continued or it will be withdrawn. “The Authority additionally chose to request perspectives on the general population regarding the said internet game. The government has requested the public to give input through pubg@pta.gov.pk by July 10, 2020.”

PUBG for PC and Xbox and PUBG Mobile has been prohibited in the nation taking effect right now. PUBG Pakistan has not discharged an announcement on the turn of events.

Then, PUBG players in Pakistan have censured the move by the administration. They name it an obstacle to the development of e-sports in the nation. Some have censured the administration for not forbidding TikTok and have proceeded to make references to India’s sweeping prohibition on Byte Dance’s TikTok and different applications.

Not long ago, India prohibited TikTok and 58 different applications that had some meaning with China, a nation the Modi government is as of now managing over the ongoing faceoff at the LAC. Be that as it may, PUBG got away from sound from the boycott, which is accepted has something to do with the game’s various starting points. PUBG Corporation has created PUBG in South Korea. Tencent has distributed the portable version of PUBG, known as PUBG mobile. A Chinese goliath that possesses a tremendous piece of the nation’s Internet index. India has not said anything on PUBG Mobile starting at now.

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