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Best approach of targeted therapy in personalized Medicine

by AhsanAli
Personalized Medicine, a futuristic approach of targeted therapy

Personalized Medicine an innovative multi-faced approach used for precise and targeted therapy and diagnosis of the disease.

Idea of Personalized Medicine

The idea of personalized medicine is not something new the idea coexisted for several years. But the increase in the importance of personalized medicine highlights when the genetic basis of the diseases was discovered. The diversity in the human being is due to their genetic variations. This diversity suggests that every human being responds differently to different medications. Thus the idea of personalized medicine can to light that focuses on specific genome-based therapies.

Personalized medicine is also known as precision medicine is an advanced approach that identifies and separates a group of individuals that have a different response to the drugs and then tailoring specific drugs according to the requirements of the response groups. The personalized medicine is also characterized as P4 medicine and stratified medicine. The concept is alike to narrow-spectrum antibiotics that includes antibiotics against specific genera of bacteria.

Applications of Personalized Medicine

During 2015 former president Obama initiated a precision medicine initiative. He also highlighted the importance of this approach in tailoring the medications specifically according to the patient’s requirements. In 2017 US FDA gave approval to the 17 precision medicine therapies.

The applications of P4 medicine are evident in multiple avenues of health like psychiatry, neurology, and cardiovascular illnesses. Personalized medicines give help in defining the proper dosage of drugs, healthy life, prevention of reactions and allergies, etc.

P4 medicine has been proved effective in the treatment of cancers of various types. Several types of biomarkers and drugs have been identified in the treatment of various cancers like Erbitux associative with EFGR biomarkers of colon cancer. In the case of breast cancer one of the earliest known examples of P4 medicine Trastuzumab which works against HER2 biomarker.

The P4 medicine approach is also effective in disease prevention. Due to the innovative diagnostic technologies like sequencing you can identify the core of the problem and can effectively manage it by therapy and changes in the lifestyle.

Concluding all of the above precision medicine is an innovative, precise, and emerging approach in the field of health. P4 is a varied approach that allows early diagnosis and effective treatment of various disorders. This approach provides various future perspectives in various aspects of medical science. The success of this futuristic approach depends on various factors. Scientists, research institutes, and diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies must play their role in its establishment.

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