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New Project of Military Telepathy to read the minds of soldiers

by Scienceooze
Military Telepathy

The U.S. Army Research Office (ARO) is currently working on a new project, “Military Telepathy,” to read soldiers’ minds, and only through “brainstorming.” They can be ordered directly.

A recent article by C4ISRNET, an authoritative U.S. website on the use of information technology on the battlefield, states that the U.S. military will spend 6.25 million dollars on the project over the next year.

Dr. Hamid Karim, an American neurologist involved in the project, said that they have been able to differentiate the different signals generated in the brain so far.
One type of signal deals only with the exchange of information, while the other kind of signal is that through which the “command of action” is also given. Although it cannot be called mind-reading, it is an essential step in that direction.

The main goal of this research is to understand the different types of nerve signals generated in the brain and the individual meaning of each signal so that later on, the same signals can be used to give soldiers “brain and nerve commands” instead of verbal commands. And the signals that arise from the brain in response to it (and the meaning of those signals) can also be fully understood.

In a way, we can call it a “military telepathy” project that feels closer to science fiction novels than to mysterious magic stories.

How long will this project take to complete? (And whether it will ever be completed or not) It is too early to say anything about it. But it is certain that if this project is completed successfully, then an extraordinary revolution will surely take place in the world of military communication.

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