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MRI, Multan introduced two new varieties named “Azeem Chaunsa” and “Chenab Gold”

by AhsanAli
MRI, Multan introduced two new varieties "Azeem Chaunsa" and " Chenab Gold"

Two new mango varieties named “Azeem Chaunsa” and “Chenab Gold” are introduced by Mango Research Institute Multan. They are best for export purposes due to its exquisite and unique taste and enhanced shelf life.

Azeem Chaunsa and Late Sindhri

Dr. Hameedullah, director of MRI, Multan said that the cultivation of both new varieties i.e ‘Azeem Chaunsa’and ‘Chenab Gold’ is also known as ‘Late Sindhri’ in Sindh. Their cultivation has begun four to five ago and it is cultivated from Sindh to Punjab. 

These varieties were available in the local market last year. These mangoes are gaining popularity among local farmers due is huge size and compactness.

Director MRI, Dr. Hameedullah is leading scientist and he along with his team members have developed these varieties after years of research and development phases. His team members include Abdul Ghaffar, Ghulam Mustafa, Atif Iqbal.

These varieties are developed from “Sindhri’ and it weighs around 700-800 grams with a small stone inside. It much bigger in size than the famous “Chaunsa”.”It is the best choice for export, particularly to Iran, as Iranians love bigger mangoes,” the scientist said.

As the existing varieties grow separately the new varieties named “Azeem Chaunsa” grow in bunches just like grapes. Thus the productivity is much greater than traditional varieties.

These mangoes “Azeem Chaunsa” and “Chenab Gold” have double shelf life than the traditional varieties. If a normal mango shelf life is for 4 days then these mangoes can survive up to 7 days. These new varieties have very low fiber content that gives a satisfying bite to the mango lovers. These characteristics of both these varieties make them the best option for export purposes.

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