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A key to longevity to Live Around Nature

by Duaazahra
Living Around Nature

Genetics plays a role in living a longer and healthier life. A key to longevity to Live Around Nature. However, the genes’ role is not much important. The probability that you will reach the centenarian age depends on the environment where you live.

Research shows that environments can increase or decrease our stress, which affects our health. To live in an unpleasant environment often elevate our blood pressure, increase our heartbeat, and can suppress our immune system. Have you ever wondered how nature can improve your health and life?

Live With Nature

Through nature, or just viewing scenes of nature, frustration, anxiety, and discomfort are reduced, and good feelings are increased. Not only does exposure to nature make you feel better physically, but it also helps to lower blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the development of stress hormones. And no matter what age or religion, people are happy with nature. Studies found in one survey cited in the book Healing Gardens that two-thirds of the population preferred nature as a treatment when want to escape from stress.

A recent study reveals that people living around nature are less likely to be obese and inactive. According to the research, middle-aged people living in urban areas with a high level of green spaces find 16% less chance of dying than comparable groups living in less green areas. The influence of nature on our brains also are good. Spain has improved mental health for people living within 300 meters of green places. Another research showed that doctors in urban areas with more street trees appeared to prescribe fewer anti-depressants than those in non-tree urban regions.

Peter James, a research associate at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, said that; We were amazed to find that the mental health pathway explained about 30 percent of the relationship between greenness and mortality,”

More vegetation areas are usually considered less polluted, and vegetation can help keep the air clean. So green spaces such as parks can help people get out and practice engaging with others, which boosts our overall health.

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