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Large Asteroids Will Kill 2.5 Million people if they Collide with New York

by Scienceooze

NASA’s latest simulation experiment shows that if a 100-meter-diameter asteroid collides with New York, it will bring a fatal disaster, resulting in the death of more than 2.5 million residents.

According to the latest research, if a small star with a diameter of 100 meters collides in New York City, more than 2.5 million residents will die.

According to the British Daily Mail reported that in the past few months, astronomical scientists investigate stars of different sizes of asteroids passing close to Earth, human life on earth is a “near miss.” Although these asteroids fly over the earth to maintain a safe distance, there are still hundreds of thousands of undetected asteroids, which will make people very worried. What kind of tragedy will happen if they collide with the earth? 

At present, the scientific family conducted a study based on analysis of NASA’s near-Earth object observations, if large meteorites collide in major US cities, will lead to the death of millions of people, residents within the range of hundreds of kilometers destroyed.

The researchers analyzed more than 36,000 near-Earth objects in NASA’s Near-Earth Objects (NEO) database, focusing on the recent largest and closest near-Earth asteroids. The research team used a collision calculator to determine the near-Earth objects. The energy of celestial bodies, which is then converted into million-ton TNT explosives. They used a tool called “Nuclear Weapon Map” to simulate the real scene of a catastrophic collision event.

In February, a 100-meter-diameter asteroid called “2013FK” passed the Earth safely, and it is expected to reach perigee orbit again in 2021. Although the celestial body is not considered dangerous, the collision of this celestial body with the Earth will bring A devastating disaster. According to the latest research, if the 2013FK asteroid collides in New York, 2.5 million residents will die, buildings within a 3.44 km radius of the collision center will be flattened, and buildings within a 7.24 km radius of the collision center will collapse. The impact radius of the collision fireball is 2.2 kilometers, and the radiation extension in each direction is 2.96 kilometers. Even residents 19.39 kilometers away from the collision center will feel the heat radiation effect, which means that residents of Yonkers, Queens, and Newark will all feel skin burns.

If a larger asteroid collides with the earth, for example, 2015 BN509 with a diameter of 1,583 kilometers “potentially dangerous”, this asteroid passed the earth last month, and the distance from the earth is about 14 times the distance between the earth and the moon if it collides The earth will bring devastating disasters.

In the hypothetical scenario of this study, half of the collisions occurred in the Pacific Ocean, but this will produce a large-scale tsunami event that will cause huge disasters in coastal areas. The researchers pointed out that if an asteroid with a radius of 12.8 kilometers collides with the city of San Francisco in the United States, more than 7 million people will die. The center of the collision is facing a radiation crisis within a radius of 15.11 kilometers, and the buildings within a radius of 41.84 kilometers of the collision center will be Razed to the ground. At the same time, the heat radiation will extend 3.5 kilometers, easily affecting the city of Reno and Lake Tahoe.

In this study, the most deadly threat is considered to be the collision of a 2,905-kilometer-diameter near-Earth object in Chicago, which will kill more than 9.5 million residents. The heat generated will extend to Grand Rapids, Cedar Rapids, and Milwaukee. City, Indianapolis, Louisville, and St. Louis.

At the same time, the research team discovered that the five celestial bodies closest to the Earth will reach perigee orbits this year. It is gratifying that they have passed the Earth in the past month, but there are still about 300,000 potentially dangerous nearby objects. Earth asteroids, which have a diameter of more than 40 meters, still require further investigation by scientists.

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