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Lahore and Faisalabad topped in world’s most polluted Cities

by Scienceooze
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Smog has been a major issue for various cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Faisalabad, Gujranwala world’s most polluted Cities

Besides corona pandemic 2020 has proved disastrous for Pakistan as the levels of pollution are rising seriously.
The levels of smog have increased to such an extent that both cities are at the top of the world pollution index.

They have surpassed the pollution levels of Delhi on Friday.
The air quality of Lahore was recorded as 321 with a high level of PM 2.5 (ranging 270 micrograms per cubic meter.

This particulate matter in the air is considered to be the most damaging. The major reason is that it is directly absorbed into the lungs and various other organs of the body.
The air quality of Faisalabad is, even more, worse than that of Lahore due to the large industrial sector.

The air quality index in Faisalabad has recorded in 440 US. Friday was considered the most polluted day in both cities.

Less pollution is recorded on weekends due to less transport.
This is a very grave situation for Pakistan thus a proper strategy need to be figured out in order to tackle this issue.

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