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Shocking Ways of COVID-19 Effects On Environments

by Scienceooze

Planet earth is suffering from deadly pandemic. Besides global healthcare system and economy the impact of COVID-19 on environment is very evident.

COVID-19 On Environment

In a matter of time, the world has changed. Pandemic has shaped the world. The impact of COVID-19 is grave on all the planet. Most of the countries across the globe are suffering from the deadly pandemic. Every country is trying to fight COVID-19 by enforcing lockdown, running diagnostic tests, and implementing social distancing policies. It has made us realize that human health is a top priority.

The pandemic has made a major impact on the environment as well because it has changed the lifestyle of people all across the globe. During this pandemic, we have seen mother earth and ecosystem recovering from degradation and pollution. Environmentalists suggest that greenhouse gas emissions could drop to level less than World War 2. Due to lockdown imposed by various governments, air pollution has drastically decreased in various regions of the world. With factories shut, less number of cars air pollution level has decreased. Due suspension of industrial and transportation activities world carbon emissions have been decreased by 17% amid COVID-19 pandemic.

Water quality

Liquid quality has also been improved such as fishes are seen in the water canals of Venice. Water transparency has also been increased due to sedimentation in the water bodies. Due to fewer tourist beaches all across the globe look clean and water has become crystal clean due to less waste. Besides water pollution noise pollution has been significantly decreased due to less honking and whir of the transport vehicles and industries.

Quarantine measures are seen to have an impact on global biodiversity, as humans are confined in their homes so wild animals are seen roaming in urban areas. Sika deer were found roaming in urban areas of China and South Korea. Due to the pandemic demand for meat has also been decreased. In Thailand, monkeys are seen roaming in the street in search of food. Birds, flowers, bees, and back garden biodiversity has also come alive due to pandemic. The COVID-19 has also impacted climate change policy and environmental politics. UN climate change conference postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic.

COVID-19 has made us aware to value nature every day. This made us realize what humans have done to this planet. It has given us the opportunity to think about our actions that have destroyed the ecosystem. It has made us realize to thank for an everyday blessing like fresh air, clean water, good health, sunlight, blooming flowers, etc. Its has also made us realize that everything is necessary to maintain sustainability on this planet.

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