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How Artificial Intelligence can Help in Healthcare

by Fahid Safdar
Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

simplifies patients, doctors, and hospital managers’ lives by performing tasks that are usually performed by people, but in less time and at a percentage price. Artificial intelligence has innumerable healthcare applications. AI was an opportunity for the healthcare industry, whether it is used to discover ties between genetic codes, power surgical robots, or even improve hospital performance.

AI is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. More than electricity”.
A study published in the UK Medical Journal found that the chances of a patient safety event increased by about 30 percent when nurse’s workload exceeds optimum levels, while the likelihood of the death rate increased by approximately 40 percent. Furthermore, human responsibilities are dodged when the stress rates are overcharged and high, and patients are left at risk. AI has changed health care by innovating “virtual nurse” and SENSE. LY is one of the virtual nurse examples.

“Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality.”

 Yann LeCun

The Amazon Alexa application for Boston Children’s Hospital provided basic health information and counseling to children’s parents was developed in 2016. Molly, the digital nurse helping individuals monitor patient conditions and follow care between doctor’s appointments, has been created by Sense.ly.

This software assists patients with a specialty in chronic diseases through machine learning. Sensually also provides complete remote monitoring supporting the most common and cost-effective conditions. By the control of weight and blood pressure increases the management of the CHF population. Bluetooth integration enables quick check-in, through compliance and cost reduction and, it monitors COPD members by monitoring key indicators so that your member networks can intervene quickly and efficiently.

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