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How Aerobic Exercise Reduces The Risk of Dementia

by Fatimakainat
How Aerobic Exercise Reduces The Risk of Dementia

The brain is one of the most important and complex organs. There are more than 100 billion nerves that coordinate with each other with the help of neurotransmitters for providing signals to the whole body and proper functioning of every system in our body.

Many diseases are associated with the brain due to any traumatic injury or by the process of aging. Both factors affect brain functioning and in this article the focus is on dementia.

What is dementia? How it linked with the brain? The term dementia associated with memory loss, language- problem solving and thinking abilities . Which further affect the daily routine and one of the causes is Alzheimer disease.

Two important parts of the brain associates with memory and the learning process. One is the sub ventricular zone and the other one is the hippocampus. Due to any traumatic injury or by aging the process of formation of nerves in the brain becomes affected and causes serious illnesses related to the brain. Now the question is how to activate the sub ventricular zone and hippocampus which then further initiate the process of nerves regeneration.

The most effective and beneficial method to reduce the effects of dementia with aging is exercise. Exercise has done to keep the body active and functional. And ultimately reduce the risks of various diseases.

Different studies have done in this regard to cure patients with Alzheimer’s or with dementia. Although all physical activities help to cure dementia. But new studies suggest that aerobic exercise helps to protect any damage in the hippocampus associated with memory.

Aerobic Exercise

A study has done as a trial on people ages 55. And these people were classified into two groups. One group has suggested to perform aerobic exercise for half-hour and the other suggested only flexibility exercise.

Both exercises improve brain functioning and memory but brain imaging showed that aerobic exercise slows down the process of hippocampus shrinkage thus preventing the patient with memory loss.

This study showed that aerobics increases the vascular function that encourages the nerves regeneration process and ultimately reduces the harmful effects of neuron degeneration.

Examples of aerobic exercise

  • Swimming
  • Running/ walking
  • Hiking
  • Aerobic classes
  • Dancing
  • Kickboxing

These all examples help to increase the heart rate and this increase ultimately helps to transport the oxygenated blood to other parts of the body for their proper functioning. In this way, our body remains active and it improves the health of brain as a famous saying is

A sound body has a sound mind.

It is a fact that exercise leads to healthier life. People who have a proper exercise routine enjoy a healthy life. And these exercises not only reduce the risk of dementia but it also reduces the chances of many other diseases and ultimately reduces the mortality rates.

A current study suggests that aerobic exercise not only helps to reduce dementia symptoms but it also reduces the risk of various brain associated diseases.

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