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Best Healthy diet and immunity in this pandemic

by Fahid Safdar

With every passing day, we are progressing in medical sciences and ignoring our roots, roots of ancestors how they lived a healthy life. We are too dependent on artificial foods now that’s why we lack immunity then our generations which have passed away. Our lives are sinking.

We face new diseases with every passing day no doubt genes are also involved in it, the oppression and suppression phenomenon but about 80% it is dependent on our daily diet.

A healthy diet is very important for strong immunity by taking a properly balanced diet you can make your immunity strong. Healthy it and immunity can prevent everyone from getting an infection.

A healthy diet and immunity has a strong relationship with each other. Carbs, lipids, proteins make a diet best for immunity and every diet containing these components in the required amount of the human body is considered a proper diet for proper functioning growth of the human body.

Mineral and salts are also very important for electrolyte maintenance for brain functioning. If ions are disturbed it will disturb brain functioning causing nausea and irregular movements of muscles.

The brain utilizes a total of 70% of intaken energy and carbs are an instant source of energy. If you are lacking in the required quantity of carbs the body will feel fatigued and weakness even the brain will not function properly.

For strong immunity, everyone has to take a meal three times a day with the proper quantity of required carbs so the immune system can work properly and can perform activities for pre response of any predicted infection.

Lipids through high-quality oil and ghee is very important for not only the body’s immune system but also for structural components of the body. The use of olive oil is best for proper diet.

Proteins from fruits, vegetables, and red meat make the immune system strong by making antibodies strong and active in response to infection.

If you are taking calcium tablets daily it is also improving your immune system day by day. Medical professionals recommend aa proper diet plan for good health.

In current scenario ,in era of pandemic everyone needs to improve immunity and has to make immune response strong to keep protect himself from getting exposure to virus.

Tasbeeha Saeed

Quaid e Azam University,Islamabad

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