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Havoc has created Indian Vaccine for Coronavirus

by Fahid Safdar
Havoc has created Indian Vaccine for Coronavirus

Vaccine development is a highly sensitive process. It requires precision and accuracy at each and every step. RNA virus-based vaccine development is a highly risky process. RNA is Ribonucleic acid which is highly unstable and prone to mutations since unlike DNA it has no proofreading ability which means that any mutation which is incorporated in the RNA cannot be corrected and is retained in the RNA.

The Coronavirus is an RNA virus which signifies that it has a potential to incorporate mutations. Moreover, the virus has strange properties such as it can exist in inactive form with the potential to become active upon finding suitable conditions. 

COVAXIN is the Indian vaccine developed against the coronavirus. Approximately 25,800 people were vaccinated with the vaccine. The vaccine was designed using the inactivated virus which was perceived to stimulate the immune system against the Coronavirus but unfortunately, the vaccine led to a new variant strain of the Coronavirus killing thousands of people.

The problem with the COVAXIN vaccine is thought to be the inactivation of the virus. The virus is such a particle that is never dead or inactivated unless it’s targeted with detergents. The virus which was perceived to be inactivated was actually able to cause infection. Based on this notion it can be suggested that the virus which was thought to be inactivated was actually active and by repeated administrations in human beings, it mutated and developed its new variant strain.

Brain Death in COVID patients in India  

The black fungus called “Mucormycosis” is a rare infection caused by exposure to the fungus found in soil, manure and decaying fruits etc. This fungus affects the lungs, sinuses and the brain. The COVID-19 patients in India were reported to have brain infection which led to brain death.

A link between the COVID-19 vaccine ‘COVAXIN” and black fungus has been reported. There are rumors that perhaps the vaccine increases the sensitivity to the fungus which becomes more infectious and attacks the brain. According to the doctors the steroids which are given to COVID-19 patients as a lifesaving therapy actually increase the chances to contract the fungal infection. Steroids tend to suppress the immune system and push up blood sugar levels.

The vaccine ‘COVAXIN’ stimulates the immune system while the steroids which are given as a treatment for COVID-19 suppress the immune system and in diabetic patients, the immune system is already weak so all these factors mutually contribute to immune system suppression which makes people more vulnerable to the black fungus.

In most cases, the loss of vision is reported in COVID-19 patients and the doctors have reportedly removed one or both eyes to prevent the fungal infection from spreading to the brain. The relation to diabetes is still unclear as most of the non-diabetic patients are also reported to suffer from the fungal infection.

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