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The family was shocked to see their dead son alive.

by Fahid Safdar

After a photo of a man who had been missing in Brazil for ten years went viral, the family recognized him, believing he was dead. A man named Gamees will be visiting the family soon.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, a Brazilian resident, Joyo Coeho Games, has been missing for more than 10 years. The social media post reunited the family with the Gamees.

After Gamez’s disappearance, his family was informed of his death and they continued to believe that he was no longer in this world. He spent a long time on the streets and picked up trash to make a living.

One day, Alessandro Lobo, the owner of a barbershop, saw him walking down the street and discovered that he was hungry and would like something to eat, which Gamees refused. Alessandro then asked, “Would you like to go with me and get a Shaved?”

Lobo decided that he had to help the man in any way he could, he took her to his salon, cut her hair, trimmed her beard and mustache, then Lobo gave a gift three T-shirt, trousers, jackets, and shoes were also provided.
Lobo shared both old and new photos of the games on social media so that if anyone sees these photos, they can help. The family contacted me after seeing their photos on Instagram so that they can meet their family after a long time.
The salon owner said that the games are very quiet and shy but they are satisfied and they also thanked me.

Lobo added that Christmas is coming soon, my little effort changed their lives, we should help such people without waiting for someone else, I never thought that the result of my help It will come out

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