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Eye Diseases that Cause Blindness and Treatments

by Fahid Safdar

According to a researcher, 36 million people worldwide have Eye Diseases that Cause Blindness. At the same time, a report published in the health journal LANCET GLOBAL HEALTH, If this rate of medical problems continues to rise, the number of blind people worldwide will reach 1.5 billion by 2050.

Pakistan is the third-largest country in the world in terms of the number of eye patients, with 20 million people suffering from various visual impairments, including three million children. In contrast, 80% of these patients suffer from cataracts. 

Eye Diseases that Cause Blindness

White Cataracts 

White Cataracts
White Cataracts

White Cataracts are a condition in which the lens of the eye gradually blurs and causes loss of vision. In fact, with age, the eyelids become brittle, but sometimes it is Increases the extent to which light cannot reach the inside of the eye completely, making people and objects appear blurred, face difficult to carry out daily activities.

Black cataracts


Black cataracts, also known as glaucoma in medical terms, are considered to be one of the most dangerous diseases of the eye. Timely diagnosis and treatment can prevent complete loss of vision. It is a common perception among us that if the white cataract becomes chronic, it turns into a black cataract, which is not valid.

Cataracts can occur at any age, especially in old age. In some cases, it is genetic.

Treatments white cataracts

White cataracts are surgically removed and replaced with an artificial lens so that life can be returned to normal. In contrast, black cataracts can only be treated with a timely diagnosis. Consequently, when the age is more than forty years, whether there is any problem or not, an annual medical examination of the eyes must be done and if the black cataract is included in the family history, then all the members of the family should have their eyes examined every year.

Black Cataracts

Black Cataracts are treated with herbal remedies, eye drops, laser beams, and surgery.

Visual impairment can be far or even close. Over the past few decades, the rate of visual impairment in people of all ages, especially children, has rapidly increased, mainly due to the Internet, computers, laptops, mobiles. And there is a growing use of tablets.

Electronic devices should be used sparingly to protect against visual impairment. Then in the present era, the use of computers in offices has become necessary, so every fifteen minutes for a few seconds to remove the eyes from the screen. Because keeping the eyes fixed not only makes the eyes tired, it also creates irritability in the mood.

Also, air-conditioned rooms can cause dryness of the eyelids.

Conjunctivitis Disease

Conjunctivitis is a disease in which the membrane in front of the eye is affected. Common symptoms include watery eyes, swollen eyes, and a tingling sensation. If the eyelids stick to each other, instead of using any kind of eye drops, consult a specialist.

However, some diseases also have harmful effects on the eyes, such as diabetes. It is estimated that about 50% of blind patients suffer from diabetes, while the risk of white or black cataracts is increased as compared to others. It would be better for diabetics patient to have they checked the eyes at least every six months.


There is also an incurable disease called NYCTALOPIA, commonly known as “night blindness”. In this disease, nothing is visible in the dark and low light, due to which the inner membrane of the eye is damaged. As the disease grows, it is better not to marry each other in families where night blindness is inherited. 

Precautions of Contact lenses

Uses of contact lenses are also common in our country, but precautions must be taken in this regard, for example, always use high-quality lenses, change their solution every three days and always keep them in a clean place.

Wash your hands thoroughly before taking off and putting on the lenses, never use sleep at night. If there is redness or water in the eye or water is coming out, do not use the lenses at all. Others may develop pains in the front of the eyes, and if the wound becomes infected, vision may be affected.

Similarly, the use of a helmet for a motorcyclist is also helpful for the eyes, because while riding a motorcycle, the eyes feel a constant air, which makes them dry.

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