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Emergence in COVID-19 cases, where we are lacking

by Fatimakainat
Emergence in COVID-19

Mutation in RNA viruses has always been a threat to living organisms whether it is in the 21st century or the previous one.

If we take a look back different viruses occur in epidemic form and cause life-threatening effects to large populations. In 2002 SARS coronavirus caused an epidemic in eastern countries & further in 2003 the main concern was influenza H5N1.

The first pandemic of the 21st century is due to the novel influenza virus in 2009. With the appearance of fatal MERS-CoV in 2012. The emergence of the novel COVID-19 is sudden with a rapid outbreak.

Its emergence was first observed in Wuhan in December 2019. This virus continues to cause life-threatening effects to the human due to lack of proper immunity in human beings.

The general public and the whole political, economical, and social structure of different countries in the world has disrupted. And this is due to this novel coronavirus. Different health issues arise with this.

And one of the major is depression due to the disturbance in lifestyle and extreme isolation. Is the existing immunity sufficient to fight with the novel COVID-19? Or Where we are lacking to deal with this novel virus?

SARS CoV-19 Types

SARS CoV-19 belongs to the family coronaviridae, order Nidovirales. It consists of four subtypes known as α, β, γ, and δ. The subtypes α and β can infect humans. Subtypes γ and δ are present in animals. It is a zoonotic virus because it is transferred from animal to human. The emergence of SARS-CoV-19 is due to the bat in Wuhan.

But it has many other reservoirs such as cattle, turkeys, pigs, mice, and dogs. The first case of novel coronavirus was reported as pneumonia patient. But when it infected the health care professionals dealing with the patients of pneumonia. It was considered seriously that is not pneumonia.

But it shows the same symptoms such as fever, headache, and redness on the skin. Later investigations and studies show that it is SARS- CoV-19. Which is more pathogenic due to the rapid mutation in the genome of the virus. And makes its treatment difficult. This novel coronavirus belongs to the β subtype.


The emergence of this novel virus has been increased due to the variability in the strains of coronavirus and its transmission between human to human. This novel coronavirus severely attacks individuals with low immunity or who were diagnosed with any disease previously like diabetics, heart patients, etc.

We can say that it affects older people, females, and children. One of the reasons for its widespread and rapid emergence is its mode of transmission as it is transmitted through aerosol droplets, through coughing and sneezing. Also, asymptomatic individuals increase their emergence. This novel virus affects almost the whole world except Antarctica.


The delay in its proper treatment is due to high variations in the novel coronavirus. Which is the reason that different medication and vaccine trials went wrong. In the developed world the lacking is in shortage of the PPE’s and the failure in proper treatment of this novel coronavirus.

While if we talk about the underdeveloped countries the major drawback is the lacking of or unavailability of PPE’s, fewer sources to cope with this virus, unavailability of testing kits and the quality of drugs or kits.

Administration Role

Proper administration is require to fight with this situation. Also, the lock-down in under-developed countries affects the economical condition more severely. But it does not mean we cannot overcome this condition or we cannot fight with this virus.

This is possible only by making our immune system more strong. Our immunity enhanced by regular exercise and by eating healthy and hygienic food. Secondly, by following the proper SOP’s or by maintaining social distancing we can easily overcome this situation.

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