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Global warming is the biggest problem in the earth

by AhsanAli

Mother earth is suffering from a lot of problems due to climatic changes especially global warming. It’s time to take action. This is our planet and we have to save it.

Climate Change has been a grave issue for the past few years. Global warming is one of the most noted issues that is increasing significantly. Global warming is the increase in the earth’s temperature due to human activities. It has now become a serious problem for the planet. It has very devastating consequences on every aspect of life.

Causes of Global Warming

The major cause of the increase in earth temperature is the burning of fossil fuels that contributes tons of carbon dioxide, methane, and CFCs.  One of the most prominent and immediate effects of global warming is an increase in temperature. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration about 0.8-degree temperature increases yearly from the past 100 years.

Another notable effect of global warming is extreme weather like the hottest summer that is more prolonged than the normal and more harsh winters than the normal.

Global warming also increases the probability of lightening. The researchers found out that there is a 12 percent increase in the chances of lightening for every 1.8-degree increase in the temperature.

According to the scientists of Climate Central there will be an increase in the droughts, floods, heatwaves and blizzards in the coming years due to global warming. Due to the melting of glaciers chances of floods will increase and which in turn contributes to the increase in the seas levels. According to the reports rise in the sea levels can have a direct impact on about 1 billion people.

Plants and animals are at risk of losing their habitats. Due to a 1.5°C increase in temperature about 6% of insects, 8% of plants, and 4% of vertebrates will lose their habitat.

Today scientists regard climate change as the major challenge of the 21st century as it leads to unexpected temperature changes, heat waves that leads to the incidence of epidemics, which in turn leads to the number of deaths.

Take Action

It’s time to take action before it’s too late. We are the ones who have destroyed the mother earth due to our selfish needs and we have to save it. The first thing we need to mitigate the effects of climate change is to reduce carbon emissions. We have to move towards green fuels and environmentally friendly systems in order to reduce it.

People of the planet must change their lifestyles. You must not waste energy we have to behave responsibly. Everyone should turn off appliances in order to reduce the wastage of energy when not necessary.  Everybody must practice the 3R rule for achieving sustainability. We must practice the reduce-reuse-recycle strategy in order to fight this problem. We plant trees in order to mitigate the effects of climate change because the trees help in sustainability and reduce carbon content.

Every one of us must contribute in this regard. This planet is our home and it is our responsibility to save it. So don’t waste resources and act responsibly.

Ahsan Ali

Quaid e Azam University,Islamabad

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