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Best approach to DNA is Now DNAI

by Fahid Safdar

We all know about the importance and value of DNA in living things. But now with the collaboration of AI scientists are saving data documents movies and music in DNAi for future use of any person or for his memory.

Some British Research scientists start this technique in Early 2013 and they convert successfully some ordinary computer file format into DNA saving data and at that time they announced that as the passage of time Sequencing and synthesizing of DNA’s price is going cheaper than the dream of Biological storage come true.

DNA has thousand times more capable of data storing as compared to the storing devices we have nowadays, as its not a new way of science in nowadays for storing the data in DNA but in its early days synthesizing of DNA (Replication) and Sequencing of DNA (A,G,C and T sequence formatting) was very very costly as many researchers are doing work at this technology only for there pleasure.

The scientist doesn’t know who can work at this project properly as a biological scientist or Computer Scientist. But no one did serious research on this. In this Era, we use many storage devices which have many deficiencies in them as they cant store data for many eras in them or most of them using magnetic techniques and this magnetic loaded disk can abolish after use of many time.

Later on for any media, if scientists claim that this media storage device can save data up to a long time then we can say after few centuries what type of media storage devices will be in use nor we assume what type of file formats will be used in the upcoming time.

Same as that SD cards or microchips are nowadays in its last microforms we cant shrink them more but in the technology of DNAi we have all solutions under one umbrella, size capacity duration each and everything we are facing for a long time is going to be covered now. Information will be store for trillions of years in its format will never be changed from it. That’s the reason we can read fossils discovered after billion years because its DNA has its information stored in it from its birth.

Head of European Bioinformatics in charge told us that we want to separate the medium and its reader machine so we can have DNA reading technologies always. These scientists also put an MP3 file a PDF file a Text file and a JPEG formatted picture into DNA after encode it. The capacity of DNA storage is almost 2 Petabytes per gram as we all know that Peta- means 1,000,000,000,000,000 a Petabyte is 1,000 Terabytes. From this figure, we can easily say 11 Gram of DNA can handle all Facebook data uploaded until 2020.

The question arose that how scientist converts data format which is acceptable for DNA storage than we can easily understand that data is always store in binary (0,1) format any storage media but in DNA data is stored in the form of A,T,G,C now when we have to decode this binary data scientist convert this binary data to DNA based data through special software and DNA can store this decoded data at its memory.

One issue can occur so the software has to check that repetition of decoded words CC, AA, GG, TT does not occur at any time with that when we encode the data again in form of Binary digit it can occur problem and data can be damaged. Researchers use AgilentTechnologies in which Genomic can be developed so data encoding decoding occurs successfully.

(This all process is applied all techniques published infamous paper Nature) The worst thing is that this process is much more costly as the cost of data saving is almost 10000 dollars and recovery of data is also much more costly so now in future scientist are working that with the help of artificial intelligence the rate of data synthesizing and Data sequencing becomes cheaper with this storing of data is much easier and cheaper and the world will surely enter in the most advance era of technology.

Waqas Tariq Paracha

IT Professional

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