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How Dexamethasone is Life-Saving Drug For Covid-19 Patients

by Fatimakainat
Dexamethasone; life-saving drug for corona patients

Dexamethasone is an anti-inflammatory drug. And is a recommendation for the treatment of various diseases. Dexamethasone is specifically recommend to treat swelling, to avoid various allergic reactions, and to treat spine and brain cancer. It is also recommended for various immune diseases, skin conditions, asthma, and different lung conditions.

Researchers say that this drug has used to treat corona patients and almost 5000 lives could have been saved. So the major benefit this drug provides is to poorer countries for the treatment of corona patients.

The trials have done by a team . This drug is the world’s biggest testing trial to cure various diseases so the researchers at NIHR use this drug as a trial for corona patients and the results are remarkable.

The low dose steroid dexamethasone recommends to treat COVID-19, which is a major breakthrough in this pandemic situation. The patients on ventilators treated with this drug. Because it reduces the risk of death. In Oxford University a trial has done. In which about 2000 patients in hospitals were given dexamethasone and 4000 those who were not being treated with dexamethasone. It reduces the risk of death from 40% to 28% in patients who are on ventilators and for patients who need oxygen; and it reduces the risk from 25% to 20%.

This is the only drug that reduces the rate of mortality said by chief investigator Professor Peter Horby. And the treatment lasts for about 10 days and its cost is 5£ per patient.

People could not go and buy it at home. But prescribed by a doctor when appropriate. It is not recommend for patients with milder symptoms who don’t need oxygen.

How it works

Dexamethasone considered as glucocorticosteroid and has many uses in treating cancer and other diseases. As Steroid drugs decrease the inflammation and alter the body’s normal immune system responses and in this way, the COVID-19 patient with the critical condition could be cured.

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