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What is do Pakistan Government In Coronavirus crises

by Fahid Safdar

The recent outbreak of Coronavirus has disturbed human life irrespective of nationality but despite internal and external problems some nations proved themselves as responsible nations that can handle every problem, don’t how big and severe they are. In this article, we will analyze how Pakistan has handled COVID-19 socially as well as economically.

Considering Human development, healthcare system capacity, and internet access, Pakistan is one of those countries that are susceptible to Covid-19 due to lack of vigilance. Pakistan has only 9.8 physicians, almost five nurses to take care of patients and only 6 beds to treat them for every 10,000 people. Pakistan allocates only 2.8 percent of its GDP on the health sector. This level of preparation depicts how defenseless Pakistan against this pandemic.

On the opposite, the developed countries having high human development index have on average 55 hospital beds, over 30 physicians, and 81 nurses per 10,000 people. The least developed nations on average have seven hospital beds, 2.5 physicians, and six nurses.

The government of Pakistan is actually facing difficulties to control COVID-19 on social, political, and cultural forums. Obstacles created by community dynamics, some local/religious extremists, political instability, a weak economy, and an absence of trust in government and institutions have made Pakistan suffer from far less infectious diseases like polio.

The economic instability and its crises are also significant in Pakistan. Loss in GDP had been expected before the pandemic. State Bank has reported the downfall of GDP to 3% despite the expectation to 3.5% for the fiscal year of 2020.

The Asian Development Bank has also lowered its productive growth to 2.6% from an estimated 2.9%.
The government of Pakistan has allocated the 1.13 trillion rupee rescue and stimulus package for the assistance of important business and industry. These funds are supported by the World Bank and Asian Development Bank.
This amount is not less and its impact could be great if it was spent on the right areas.

The government spent these funds to support poor people and ensure its credibility but it couldn’t reach every
needy people. The second area where the government spent this fund was small industry holders like
shopkeepers in the form of waving off their electric bills for three months.

The government was only seen handling the financial problems of the nation instead of improving health care issues related to coronavirus. The government has shown progress on only headlines but there was nothing like that on
the ground level.

Testing kits must be bought to get confirmed and rapid tests of coronavirus and there was also a scam of fake tests reported by private testing labs. It is also true that the Government invested in some healthcare infrastructure.

Till now the number of ventilators has to 2200 moreover an amount of 50 billion rupees has been allocated to buy medical equipment.
Pakistan’s testing capacity has also been enhanced from 30,000 to 280,000 and according to official sources will be further enhanced to 900,000 within April.

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