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Artificial Synapses and its Connection With The Brain

by Fatimakainat
Artificial Synapses

Artificial intelligence with its widespread use in different fields always wonders human beings during the 21st century. Whether it is a machine or a human organ artificial intelligence makes a complete shift of science with its remarkable technology.

One of the breakthroughs is artificial synapses and their communication with the brain. But the question is how these synapses communicate or connect with living cells?

The human brain is considered as a supercomputer. And artificial synapses is a technology that makes a step towards mimicking the supercomputer. Scientists have successfully connected the human brain and artificial synapses using electronic systems.

And these are not electronic signals basically but with neurotransmitters such as dopamine. This technology uses the brain capacity to concurrently learning and memorizing huge information.

What is a synapse?

Synapse is actually a junction between two nerve cells to pass the impulses by the spread of neurotransmitters. These processes of passing impulses enhance our system of learning or memorizing information.

Which gives the human brain a huge advantage over the typical computer. For developing a computer that mimics the human brain researchers have been working for years.

Researchers designed the first artificial synapse in 2017. Its working is similar to the transistor, containing three terminals in a salty electrolyte.

This electrolyte helps to pass the signals between the terminals just like neurons. This study has done at Stanford University and the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Researchers designed a biohybrid artificial synapse and for this purpose. They made a device consisting of two electrodes, separated by an electrolyte solution.

The researchers then placed a living cell on the upper surface of one of the electrodes. Which now communicate with the other electrode with the help of synapse.

The basic principle of all this process is that these living cells release neurotransmitters. Which then react with the electrolyte solution.

And cause the induction of ions which then pass through both electrodes by changing its conductive state. Further developments have taken to improve this technology.

This biohybrid artificial synapse used in different devices. And have the capability to allow humans to control computers and other electronic devices by using their own brain signals. The research has published in Nature Materials.

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