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Artificial intelligence help to Adopt Big data

by Fahid Safdar
Artificial intelligence

Google’s success is hidden in its most efficient algorithms and its search-based Artificial intelligence technology, which makes it a sharp and fastest search engine in the world.

Its run time fast algorithms can take find and give back the required data in Nanoseconds. But the central pillar of the company is a centralized data system, and its central database as Google index has trillions of page indexes stored in its storage. With a rough estimation, Google processing almost 77 Pet bytes of data on daily Bases.

Some scholars need much more data during their research work, and they don’t have much space or storage areas to save their data in their memories. So a company named as a typical crawl is now doing its business for all these scholars. Standard crawl has almost data of almost 10 billion web sites and web indexes. It’s free, and anyone of its user can download and use the data it has in his database.

One More company Archive is also adopting the same technique and saving all the web data in its storage to see the old data of the website through the Wayback Machine. But this company is not offering its data for researched-based publications.

According to GiladElbaz

GiladElbaz, the founder of common crawl, said that As far I know about this web world where you have an endless ocean of information and all the data merging and collecting at the same point is not so easy nor each and everyone can do it. Only a few companies which have resources for doing this can try to do this.

According to Elbaz

Elbaz told us if we try to collect all the data at the same place to make new engines for searching the data. But as Google has many resources, Google crawls his pages so fastly and completes its indexes, but if any new search engine comes in the market crawling of indexes are the most hectic for them, it needs high-cost high algorithms as well.

Google translate is also trained for interchanging the data into different languages and give the required data, and it’s due to Google because Google has every data saved in it.

Scientists proved that before ten years, those who have some ideas regarding data capturing or data sharing have no other option to take a job in Google and fulfill their visions. Because Google was the rightmost place where they got all data they need.

Common Crawl ideas were also a node of this problem to have all the data at the same place, and scientists can do their best work under one flag. SO the researchers and students who have not to access go and for jobs in Google can use common crawl and get their data efficiently.

A common crawl has almost completed its 10 billion web pages data, nearly 150TB of size. But on the other hand, common crawl only accesses the pages which have public privacy but the social media pages which have not to access other than his owner so common crawl cant access their data.

Social media Owners are very, very careful about their users and their privacy policies; now it’s up to common crawl that he will sign an agreement to fulfill the users’ privacy policy. After that, social media owners can give access to their pages for the common crawl.

Waqas Tariq Paracha

IT Professional

Expert Trainer, British Council

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