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Pakistani Google team step forward to the information Technology

by Fatimakainat
Pakistan’s Google team New steps towards digitization

For the development of any country, the digital revolution plays its major part to simplify and improve the working lives of humans. It enables us to do huge tasks automatically that would take humans a long time to do and also covers a huge leap towards technology. It covers all fields of life making a country more successful.

Keeping in mind the significance of digitization, Pakistan’s Google team briefed the Minister of Information technology and Telecommunications; Syed Amin Ul Haquein Islamabad about the use of technology and computer science studies in its youth.

Nick Baur- Google Head of Public Policy in Pakistan said, Google with the help of other stakeholders in Pakistan launch different programs like early age programming initiative and CS First which would happen first time in Pakistan; said in a news release. Mr. Farhan Qureshi further briefed the Federal Minister about the previous steps taken by Google to improve technology in Pakistan. The programs include DSC leads in various cities of Pakistan so that progressively show its impact on the country’s development.

Purpose of digitization in Pakistan

The purpose of Google is to establish balance in the country because it will lead to further developments in the field of technology. In the end, Mr. Umer Farooq, the founder, and CEO of Tech Valley thanked Mr. Amin Ul Haque for giving his precious time for this meeting. He asked for his support to initiate these activities in Pakistan. So as to improve the digitization in Pakistan.

The Federal Minister appreciated the work done by Google and the team. He admires the initiatives that are being carried out. He also ensures his necessary support in the future that will further help to digitize the country. The impact and effect of this briefing to digitize the country are that it makes the youth of the country more skillful and makes everything more accessible to everyone.

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