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A healthy diet can help to live a long healthy life

by Fahid Safdar
A healthy diet, A key for prolong life

Everybody wants a long life with a healthy lifestyle. Everyone wants to live a prolonged life with joints and muscles perfect support. Life is all about spending every second with good health.

These days overweight and obesity are significant concerns in the world health sector after hypertension. Though medical science is continuously leading globally and growing day by day, health concerns are still increasing daily.

With an increase in technology facilities, health issues are also growing because of more reliance on synthetic food than organic food. Obesity and a healthy diet relationship can explore a new side of your lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle with a proper diet can make it possible to maintain weight and body requirements with growth as body requirement for food and energy increases. So food intake is to be increased by everybody to fulfill the body’s daily energy requirement and growth requirements. As the world progresses from infant to old age, everyone is using artificial food indirectly or indirectly.

The artificial food can never be a replacement for natural foods. Artificial nutrition is a major cause of various diseases in humans. Artifical food is a significant cause of obesity, and obesity is the root of many other diseases.

Due to obesity at a very young age, an individual can develop diabetes and who don’t know diabetes causes many other major diseases.

Obesity also increases individual chances to get more heart diseases and certain cancers. Obesity and a healthy diet have a somewhat very very important relationship with each other. There is a strong relationship between obesity and many other health disorders.

A balanced diet is vital for a healthy lifestyle for balance diet proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. These three essential components make basic units of life hence have a critical role in life maintenance.

A healthy diet contains a proper quantity of meat to provide the required amino acids, fruits to deliver proteins, grains to provide essential components.

Other than all these, the critical constituent of a balanced diet is grains and nuts. The fibers in perfect quantity are also crucial for the maintenance of life. If you are obese and want to lose weight for a healthy lifestyle, don’t worry, you can do it by doing some minor changes in your lifestyle and diet.

Stay hydrated, consume fruits and vegetables more and more. Keep your level of proteins at the maintained level and make walking an essential part of your life. Don’t start sudden too much walk increase its timing slowly.

Tasbeeha Saeed

Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad

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