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5 Ways to Control Your Blood Pressure

by Scienceooze
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Blood pressure is the force that keeps your blood circulating throughout the body and provides food and oxygen to all cells in the body.

The process of pumping your heart creates this force. The blood pressure of all human beings also fluctuates. Whenever you are under mental or physical tension, your blood pressure also rises.

Excitement and exercise also increase it. It decreases when you are at rest or sleepy. Often your blood pressure stays at your average level, depending on your age. In general, the younger the age, the lower the blood pressure.

When your blood pressure rises and continues to rise all the time, it is called high blood pressure (hypertension).

Reason for high blood pressure

Nothing can be said for sure about that. Blood pressure rises for three reasons:

(1) When too much water and salt increases the amount or volume of blood.

(2) When the arteries that carry blood from the heart to all parts of the body become narrow.

(3) When the heart pumps blood very fast.

Measurement of Blood Pressure:  

For a normal reading, your blood pressure needs to show a top number (systolic pressure) between 90 and less than 120 and a bottom number (diastolic pressure) between 60 and less than 80.

Ways to Control Your Blood Pressure

Yes, the risk of high blood pressure can be reduced by changing the lifestyle and eating habits. You can’t treat genetic side effects, but you can be careful.

1-Lose weight

Find your standard weight and lose weight with moderation and exercise in your diet.

2-Low fat foods

Eat less fatty foods. This way you will be able to control your weight as well as protect yourself from the risk of excess fat clotting in the arteries.

3-Exercise regularly

Exercise reduces weight and strengthens the heart. Exercise not only brings relief but also relieves stress and tension.

4- Eat less salt

Add less salt and sugar during cooking. Add lemon, tamarind, ginger, pepper, sesame oil and coriander, mint, and spices for flavor and taste. Do not add salt to the food on the table. Remember, tomato sauce and pickles are also high in salt. Avoid canned foods, they also contain a lot of salt.

Always eat at home. This way you will be able to eat fresh food and control your salt intake.

5-Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep, and you’ll be refreshed. Get your blood pressure checked at least once every six months. The sooner it is detected, the easier it will be to control it with proper tactics and treatment.

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